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My name's Natidían adventurous cat girl from a magical island called Puerto Rico with an eclectic range of interests. Also known as Rari Moonon the interwebz & the world of gaming! 

Ohdearmilk was born on March 28, 2012; Later re-named as Dripdrip on January 31, 2017, becoming the official domain name for the blog. This blog was originally created as a small outlet where I could share my experiences with all the Korean/Japanese/Asian beauty products I owned & loved at the time. The content back then naturally diversified into a mix of product reviews, lifestyle, and the occasional fashion post. It was a fun little hobby that lacked consistency. As my blog's traffic and audience increased little by little over time, I decided to be more consistent with this platform, publishing content twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays.

My intention is to be as helpful as I can in the blogging community, especially with those sharing the same interests, while always giving my honest opinion. I hope to inspire & create beautiful things in the process! 

♡ Artwork by Munrou Illustration 

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All content, reviews & opinions, stated in this blog are of Dripdrip's writers. They are not compensated or sponsored for writing about any products or services featured unless stated otherwise on the post.

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