Sugarpill X Little Twin Star Sanrio Make-Up Collection Collaboration 2018 ✿REVIEW✿

February 13, 2018

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Hello, kittens! It's been a while, right? 
Today I'll compensate my absence with this really awesome review that I've been jumping off the walls over for and give my two cents on one of the cutest collaboration up to date;  The Sugarpill x Little Twin Star Sanrio Make-Up Collection! As stated on the Sugarpill website: "Kiki and Lala traveled to Earth to learn how to be the best, shiniest stars they can be. Now you can shine bright with them!"

This collection launched on February 2nd on the Sugarpill website. Sugarpill is a cruelty-free line of vibrant, richly pigmented cosmetics based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded by the most colorful woman ever, Amy (Shrinkle). This collab is limited edition retailing for $79. The collection comes with the makeup palette (6 eye shadows) $38, two liquid lipsticks (Kiki & Lala) $36, and the adorable makeup pouch to store everything in. 

You can purchase the products individually, but you won't be able to get the adorable pouch since it's not sold separately! 
Not to mention, if you purchase the collection, you can actually use the box/case everything comes in to store whatever you'd like. AND IT'S SO CUTE, SOU MEGA PLUS! 

These aren't the usual warm colors I'm always obsessing over, hence why I decided to go through with the purchase! I didn't really need a reason to, since the cuteness factor was enough for me to go through with it but having something different in my collection was also a plus.

Let me start by saying that these are not just eye shadows. You can pretty much use these as face highlighters and the cute baby pink color as a blush too! (However be careful, it's hella pigmented on the cheeks!)  I think these colors are also perfect everyday single lid colors if you're not into beating your face on the regular. 

At first, I thought these colors weren't going to show up on my tan skin but I was very wrong as you can see on the photo above. These are all one swipe swatches on my arm without using a primer. To be quite honest, you can't appreciate how gorgeous these colors are in photos. Actually, none of the photos I've seen on social media do these colors justice. They all have a really nice sparkle to them that you can only notice under sunlight (Or any light?!) So, If you have a darker complexion, fear not, you'll be able to use these colors.
Some of these are foiled, making them a bit powdery and messy tho. I guess it can't be helped with foiled colors. I personally I don't mind, but I know this really bugs some people.

The only color I wasn't impressed with was Twinkle, Twinkle (The gold one) Simply because I'm sure I already have something really similar to this color and my favorite one was Dream Dust because it looks so soft and pretty on my lid!

Here's one of the first looks I did with this collab:


I adore these liquid lipsticks. They smell delicious (orange cream?) and are so lasting! I really do recommend them to everyone.  You honestly haven't lived  until you've tried Sugarpill's liquid lipsticks because they're so comfortable and they actually fade gracefully if you're having a huge lunch, dinner or whatever. 

To my surprised I liked Kiki far more than Lala because the gold sparkles in the blue are more noticeable! I did noticed that the blue one stains a bit, but not super crazy. I've seen people using these as eyeliner and eyeshadow too! Don't worry they're vegan, so it's safe! Kudos for being so versatile. Can't wait to create more looks with these! 

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I hope this was helpful! Did you grab this collection as well!? Do you love it, hate it?
Drop a comment don't below and tell me your thoughts!
As always, thanks for all the love and support, much love! 
~ Natidí 

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  1. You have a beautiful blog ♡ I'm now a new follower
    That is the most beautiful colaborcacion they have done!
    Mood of colors! ✧ ·. · ゜


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