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February 23, 2018

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Limecrime launched their newest lipstick collection called 'Plushies' with 12 colors which retail for $20 each! At first you're completely sold by their claims: 

"PLUSHIES (from plushy: a soft toy) are the new generation of nude lips. Non-opaque, soft focus formula enhances natural lip color while making your lips look as plush as a teddy bear!"
as stated on their website. 

However, it was a little bit weird at first that no one was reviewing these even after a week of their launch. I couldn't find lip swatches of regular people using these on their tagged photos in their Instagram either, super weird, right? Regardless, I decided to purchase three of these Plushies because let's be real here, I've loved all of Limecrime's lip products up to date, I didn't expected anything less from them.

Biggest regret ever. Don't be fooled by the arm swatches, they look nothing like this on the lips! Imagine if a lip stain and a liquid lipstick had a baby, this would be it. I knew these weren't going to be very pigmented but fuck, they feel like watered down liquid lipsticks? Which is the weirdest part about these, they dry down just like a liquid lipstick, so you do feel like you're wearing a liquid lipstick without the intensity. Which, I understand that's what they were going for but it just feels so weird? 
Your lips but better? But I don't agree at all... 

They apply so patchy. I had to swipe then rub with my fingers and then swipe again, rub with my fingers again just to get an even coat. Not to mention, make sure your lips are perfectly exfoliated because one little bump is going to make these look like a total mess. 
Ah, and before I forget, they smell like medicine. Maybe if they were cheaper I wouldn't be so upset, thankfully I got them while they had their '3 Plushies for $48.' offer on their page but even so I still think it was a bit too much.

They get a 3 out of 10 for pigmentation and a 0 for application in my book. As for texture and comfort, I guess I could spare them an 6

In order of the previous photos:

Marmalade - My heart broke with this one. It was so sheer. I applied endless product and It still felt like I wasn''t applying any. After like 5 swipes you could see the orange coming through but it was just so sheer. I was so bummed because this was the one I wanted the most. The color looked amazing on their campaign promo and their website but it was just so disappointing. I still wear it because I managed to make it work, but again... should a lipsticks be such a hassle to wear? I think not. 

★ Blackberry - This one is my favorite, even though it looks like you've been eating a red jolly ranchers for too long at first. I tell you, these weren't my cup of tea, anyways! This one applied evenly and was actually flattering for my lips. Perhaps if I would had only bought this one, I wouldn't be hating on these so bad? I've been using this often since it's such a nice everyday color for me at least! It gives me a 'I'm wearing minimal makeup face' without trying too hard. 

Grape Jelly - Was a waste of my money. The end. Even though I managed to make it work? (But then again, I did with all of them, lol.) It's was just too much work. I had to apply a bit, rub and slowly build it up to get the pigmentation you see in the photo. It's patchy as fuck and just overall horrible to work with. Perhaps if you have a darker complexion you're going to love this? But it just wasn't for me at all. It looked like you spilled grape rubbitusin on your lips and ugh... disappointment.

I seriously hate that you can't try new lip products like these before purchasing. I'd save us a lot of trouble and money! Overall, if you have a light complexion, stick to the lighter colors and if you're darker stick to the darker ones but let's e honest, final verdict: they aren't worth $20. 

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Even so, I still live for their Velvetines and eyeshadows so I guess not everything can't be a 10/10, right? Anyways have a safe weekend, love always! 
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  1. I'm very fair and I have to say the dark colors work for me! I didn't like Marmalade, it looks like dried up food. But the others I have: Cherry Soda (Ulta exclusive), Jam, Blackberry, Milk Tea and Lavender Honey are all great. You have to blot these with your finger, it makes them look better.

  2. Personally, I'm a big fan of the plushies! I think perhaps you may have liked them more if you didn't get the "weird" colors? I agree that grape jelly is trash, & smoky was pretty bad too, but strange colors & sheer formulas usually end up mixing badly! Personally, my favorites are Blackberry, Jam, & Rosebud! I have really pale lips naturally, so I love using these to give myself some color :)


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