Too Faced: Sweet Peach Glow Peach-Infused Highlighting Palette ✿REVIEW✿

January 23, 2018

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 (Sorry for my absence last week, I forgot to Schedule my blogposts &  I caught the nastiest of colds/viruses and spent all week trying to feel better so I didn't even bother with electronics... I'm much better now!) 

Hello,  kittens! 
Today I'll be reviewing a product I've had for quite some time now and that's the Sweet Peach Glow Peach-Infused Highlighting Palette from Too Faced. It's been a year now since I made this purchase and I've given it a huge amount of use to have my final verdict on this one!  

This product retails for $42 USD. Comes with three pans; an Illuminator, bronzer and a blush with a decent amount of product. This product came out a little over a year after their infamous Peach Pallete launch and has been in stock ever since.

Right off the bat, I wouldn't recommend this if you're my same skin color or darker. I hardly ever use this palette nowadays making me slightly regret this purchase. Yes, it does smell heavenly, It’s hard not to be happy with such a yummy scent greeting you every time you open it up and to be fair, the product itself is quite pigmented (If you swatch it and apply with your fingers!) but it just doesn't transfer well to my skin. Plus, I've found better and much more affordable blushes, bronzers and highlights that at the moment perform way better on me than this.

The highlight isn't as blinding as you'd think. Even if you wet the brush and do all the tricks. Perhaps if you want something subtle you'd like this highlight but let's be real; I don't spend so much money on makeup for it to look 'subtle' or as if I'm not wearing anything on my face.

The bronzer is just too, shiny? Oh, and it's not even dark enough to perform as a bronzer on me.
It's really upsetting because everyone is raving about how nice this looks and how this is the best thing out in the market but look,  has anyone noticed that everyone raving about it is really pale/light skinned? Mind you, this is supposed to be a universal kit! AND I'm not even that dark, I'm just a bit tanned.

The blush, however, is amazing! It shows and blends really good but... $42 for just a blush? Not worth it. Never! Oh, and the single blush they launched, the Papa don't peach, isn't the same shade in case a few of you were wondering...

Selfie time! Now, this is how all the products look on me. I'm using the Cocoa Contour by Two Faced over this bronzer, hence why you can actually tell the contour because you can't really otherwise. The highlight is barely visible and the blush, well... is the only thing you can actually notice!

Overall I just can't justify the retail price of this with the actual quality of the product.  Sorry Too Faced but this was a hugefaill for me. 

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So there you have it, not everything can be peaches and cream now, right?
Haha, aheeeem.... Anyways! Get it, geeeet it? Peaches and creaaaaam....
Please, comment if you got this, for real. 
As always, thanks for all the love and support! 


  1. Ohh I was so hyped about this palette, I've always loved the peach tones! I'm sorry to ear that it didn't worked for you! I'm pale but I still think it's too expensive for me tho ^.^

    1. I agree, you can probably find more afforable dupes! Maybe there’s away to add peach scent to makeup? in a home mase kind of way? 😅

  2. Replies
    1. It is! Kinda’ wish it showed up more on my skin! 😭


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