January 9, 2018

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Hello, kittens and welcome to Dripdrip!
Today I'll be reviewing my favorite subscription, the Pusheen Box Winter Edition!
Even though we don't get snow or really chilly weather here in Puerto Rico, Christmas/Winter's still one of my favorite times of the year! This box contained really cozy items suitable for any time of the year in my opinion. 

This is a seasonal subscription box, which means you'll only get 4 boxes a year. You can learn more about this from their website: Pusheen Box. The quarterly plan's a total of $49.95 and it gets processed the 15th of the first month of the next shipping cycle.

Now, onward on reviewing the goodies!
This month contained a total of nine (9) Winter-themed items which are all Pusheen box exclusives.

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★ This is a very cozy sweater! Perfect for the holiday's since the print is very festive! It's a size M, but they run a bit big so keep that in mind when selecting your size. However, I advise you to just stick to your current size instead of going up or down a size since they usually always inclose a clothing item in their boxes. 

★ The vinyl figure is so adorable! I like how it's very Holiday/Religion friendly since he's just entangled in lights! The collection keeps growing, and they just keep getting cuter. 

★ Can you have too many sticky notes? Nope. Never! These are a bit small, so you'll only be able to write small tasks on these but who cares, it's adorable! They stack up nicely too! 

★ IT'S A PUSHEEN MUG AND IT'S HUGE! However...  I don't think mugs are their strong point. The print looks a bit wonky. The same thing happened to me with their fall mug last year. I think it has to do with the plastic that it stretches out and I assume that since this is being massed produced? I mean it's not that noticeable and the mug still looks very cute but it's not at all perfect. You can see the other mug/review here: Pusheen Fall Box 2016.

★ This is a drink warmer and I adore it so much! I tend to be constantly drinking tea and/or coffee and it gets cold with time. This keeps my drink warm and it's not too dangerous since it only gets warm in one spot. However, be careful not to leave it plugged in just in case. 

★ So! This has been one of the most random items received so far. The only thing I like about it is that it's cute and it works! but... wtf? I mean, it's important to take a moment in your day to just breathe and relax, just to reduce stress so this helps!  

★ Enamel pins are my weakness, this is so adorable! It's a cute little set with four pins. I kinda don't want to take them off the card because the star and cupcake looks a bit silly on their own. 

★ Now, here's the cutest sweater weather Pusheen plush. His little cozy beanie is my favorite part. Too adorbs! 

★ No these aren't Christmas lights, it's something better! It's an iPhone charger, though it has an adapter for other phones, that lights up when connected!
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So there you have it, the super cozy winter Pusheen box! Short and simple review.  
 Which were your favorite items? 
Will I be able to not use the words cute/adorable in my next Pusheen box review?  Haha, let's see!
As always, thanks for all the love and support! 

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