December 23, 2017

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Hello, kittens and welcome to Dripdrip!
Today I'll be reviewing my favorite subscription box ever, the Pusheen Box Fall Edition!
I know I write this often, actually in almost every Pusheen box review, but this one's one of my favorites boxes! Just because everything was so wholesome, homey and useful. Now, wait for me to write the same for the Winter one! Haha ~

This is a seasonal subscription box, which means you'll only get 4 boxes a year. You can learn more about this from their website: Pusheen Box. The quarterly plan's a total of $49.95 and it gets processed the 15th of the first month of the next shipping cycle.

Now, onward on reviewing the goodies!
This month contained a total of nine (9) fall-themed items which are all Pusheen box exclusives.
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 ★ First, we have a pen! Yes, and adorable Pusheen pen holding a mushroom.  I can't say anything bad about it, to be honest pens are always useful and this one's cute! Not too heavy actually.  Black ink. 

★ I have a small confession to make. I hoard notebooks, notepads and all the cute stationary ever! So I was so happy with this!  It's thick,  so I ain't running out of it anytime soon and the lines aren't too big either. Actually, I feel they're a perfect size.

★ This plushy is adorable!!! Gosh, I need to rethink the way I do these reviews. I'm going to just post a compilation of photos and just caption it, 'Very cute. Would recommend, 100%' because gosh, everything is just so adorable and to be honest I never know what more to say! Hahaha. It's fluffy, it's soft and not small. Best cuddle buddy for those lonely nights!

★ This was one of my favorite items just because I found it to be so adorable and convenient, and a fun way to have cute and perfect pancakes every time. Trust me, I have bad luck making pancakes I don't know why and how they always end up looking like little balls. This pan is actually very small. The photo makes it seem bigger, but nope super small but hey, that adds to the pancake's cuteness! 

 ★ Isn't this extra adorable!? This Pusheen rug is meant for the bathroom but I decided to put it in my room. Actually, this box brought lots of bathroom decor and this kinda' steps up my Pusheen house takeover. (Bathroom curtains and this rug!) It's soft and I must admit, I'm scared of getting it dirty even though duh, it's a rug. 

 ★ This sweater is so comfy! It's a size Medium but their clothing runs a size big, so that's really nice. The pattern is adorable, and even though it's fall motif I'm going to use it all year round. This is the second sweater/pullover I've received in the Pusheen box. I think the first one was actually in my first fall box! 

 ★ This is the bathroom curtain and I am so in love with it too! I've been using it as a curtain in my room just because I think it looks hella adorable there. To be honest, it diffuses the lighting coming from the window so nicely that I don't think I'm moving it to the bathroom any time soon. 

★ Okay, now this was definitely my favorite item! It didn't bring the cushion though, I bought that separately but I didn't mind because you can find really affordable ones for less than 8$ for this pillow cover. Worth it! The only teensy tiny bad side is that now my cats won't stop playing with the little balls. At least none of them has fallen! 

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So there you have it! Are you considering taking the plunge? *whispers* Do eeeet.
 Which were your favorite items? Will I be able to not use the words cute/adorable on my next Pusheen box review?  Haha, let's see!

As always, thanks for all the love and support! 

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