Ipsy: Over Easy - July 2017 ✿REVIEW✿

October 17, 2017


Hello lovelies and welcome back to Dripdrip! ☆
Due to Hurracane Maria, as most of you know, we were left without any electricity or even signal on our phones/devices. Infracstructure suffered, severely, way too many people lost their homes or lives. Even though the mayority of my posts are schedule I decided to go on a slight hiatus until things got slightly stable. They aren't... and probably won't for the next couple of months but I decide post regularly again and what better day than today, Tuesday

So, without further adue I will be reviewing today what has been my favorite glam bag of all times! In collaboration with Sanrio, the 'Over Easy' glam bag features the adorable Gudetama. 
Even if you don't like the items you receive this month, or should I say the ones you received in July, I am almost certain that you are going to be using this's bag for many things!

This month I received :
☆ Trifle Cosmetics: Raspberry Ripple - Ombré Radiance Blush Palette— $17.95
☆ OFRA Cosmetics: 'Gold Rush' or 'Victory' Eyeshadow— $12
☆ Ciaté London: Wonderwand Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner in Black— $9
☆ AHAVA: Mineral Hand Cream— $13
☆ Beau Gâchis: Illuminator Brush— $9.95

Total Glam bag Value: $61.90 !


 • I love receiving brushes, mainly because in my head I feel I already got my bags worth! You know, nowadays brushes are expensive. Anyways! This is an illuminator brush perfect for highlighting but I've been using it for shimmers since this brush grabs a decent amount of product. This is almost as good as using your finger of gold eyeshadow! (And we all know there's no way of fkng that up!)

• Now, I'm not fond of these kohl eyeliners but this one's pretty good. It doesn't feather and it's dark enough, not that charcoal grayish black. I think the brush side is useless since it's too soft for my liking but, that's just me. I'm sure someone somewhere is loving it. I mean, you can smoke out your eyeliner with this but if you're aiming for a cat eye, make sure to have your tape close by! 

• I think hand creams are one of those beauty products that go by unnoticed up until it's too late and your hands are all wrinkly and dry. The fact that this product is water base means that your hands won't feel sticky after applying which is a huge plus since your skin will absorb it with ease. This doesn't have a distinct scent but I'm not fond of scented creams anyways. I do recommend this if you want to start your hand cream journey! You will see results, unlike face products that take a while for you to see progress. 

• This blush set is adorable. I love the colors and they blend nicely, however, it's so small! Unless you're applying with your finger your brush will probably pick up all three colors at once. It didn't really amazed me since I've already seen these colors from a billion other brands me and the size of this trio is just too small for the price! 

• This eyeshadow is so pigmented, wow! OFRA is one of those pricey brands that I've never even bothered with but these eyeshadow singles are a steal to be honest! I do feel that there's so much fallout with these but nothing unmanageable. 

✿ ✿ ✿

If any of you want to try this monthly bag you can subscribe to Ipsy Here! ♡ 
When a friend subscribes to the Glam Bag using your referral link you earn 250points, which you can exchange for really nice rewards on their page!

Thanks for being patient and sticking by even through the hurdles Mother Nature has to offer, 
See you on Friday! 
~ Natidí 

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