September 12, 2017

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Hello, kittens and welcome to Dripdrip!
Today I'll be reviewing my favorite subscription box, the Pusheen Box  Summer Edition!
I swear, this box never disappoints me. Even when I get things that aren't that useful to me (for example the ones on the winter box), someone always ends up winning since some of these make perfect last minute gifts and who doesn't love this adorable cat?

This is a seasonal subscription box, which means you'll only get 4 boxes a year. You can learn more about this from their website: Pusheen Box. The quarterly plan's a total of $49.95 and it gets processed the 15th of the first month of the next shipping cycle.

Now, onward on reviewing the goodies!
This month contained a total of eight (8) summer-themed items which are all Pusheen box exclusives.

★ My favorite item is always the Vynil figure. Not only are they exclusive, which I'm a huge sucker for! They are a really decent size. This box had Pusheen on top of sand, under a palm tree with a little beach ball. I think this one's my favorite, along with the October bat cat one!

★ This popsicle mold set is so adorable! The base isn't that sturdy and it kinda' spills a bit if you're not careful when putting it in the freezer. I kinda' wish they would have made the mold so Pusheen's face would be printed on the popsicle too but hey, not bad for a novelty item.

★ Aren't these earphones so adorable!? Sorry guys! BUT LOOK AT THE BUTT!!! ♡ Sadly, the sound quality isn't that good. Actually, it's really bad. I'm keeping them in my bag as spares for whenever I leave or misplace my regulars. Cute backup earphones ftws, since they do work, at least?

★ A passport/card holder and a luggage tag! How did they know I've been traveling? These are going to be useful for my future adventures since I tend to throw everything in my bag and then take forever trying to find my Id's over and over again.

★ This backpack is perfect for going to the beach! The material's really light and will wash easily. Also, it's not as flimsy as I thought. It can definitely carry a decent amount of items. You can even use it for grocery shopping too! The best part is that you can fold it back into a small bag for better storage space.

★ Here's another thing I love about this subscription box, It brings an item of clothing! This one's a sleeveless shirt with cute little Pusheens paragliding. Their shirt's run big! So keep this in mind when selecting the size you want. To be honest I've never had a problem with their M shirts and I'm usually an L in regular clothes.

★ An Ice pack! See, this is one of those items I don't really see myself using often but still find it super cute. It's small enough to be useful for lunch bags, headaches, even muscle cramps. I want to keep it but to be honest, I'm going to give this to my boyfriend since he's the one to most likely use this!

★ Last but certainly not least, adorable Pusheen Swirly straws! What can I say about this? You're going to look hella cute in selfies using these straws! I might have to throw a pool party soon enough over at my place just as an excuse to use some of these and last box's items!

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So there you have it! Are you subscribed to this adorable box too? 
Are you considering taking the plunge? *whispers* Do eeeet.
 Which were your favorite items? Will I be able to not use the words cute/adorable on my next Pusheen box review?  The world may never know!

Stay tuned for Friday's post! As always, thanks for all the love and support! 


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