Firmoo: #S8838 48-19-140 (Medium) Glasses ✿REVIEW✿

September 15, 2017


Hello, kittens and welcome to Dripdrip!
Did you know that "According to the Vision Council of America, approximately 75% of adults use some sort of vision correction. About 64% of them wear eyeglasses..."  I am in that 64%. Even though that's a pretty high percent, purchasing eyewear is still a huge hassle and commitment; you're purchasing for something you're probably going to be wearing at all times, so you need to make sure it goes with everything. It is also a huge investment! We tend to go for boring black frames since they go with everything... thankfully I found this website that sells really fashionable eyewear under $40! Suddenly deciding for your future frames was made a bit easier, right?

I ordered a pair of glasses on Firmoo on Frebuary which is why I decided to show and review them for you now that I've had them for a couple of months.

I love this website mostly because they always have specials offers, for example, these were from the buy one get one free deal! 
They're the #S8838, sadly I think they are currently sold out, though there are similar frames currently available.  

These retailed for $25 and are best for best for PD: 53 - 80. Oh, and that includes the prescription! 
I love that these frames go with everything. I only have a few cons with this model: The legs on these frames are transparent. Since I color my hair, the left leg is currently orange. It does come off with alcohol but if you're a clean freak this is probably going to annoy you so much. Also, since they're transparent you can see when they start to oxidize. Keep a small screw near so you can open and clean them. If you hate doing this, these are probably not the frames for you.
Another thing that could be a con is that they're very light. I'm terrible with glasses, for some reason they're always falling on the floor and hey, they haven't broken on me! So, even though they might feel light to you, they're very resistant. 

Here's a quick selfie so you lovelies can see how they look on me!


So there you have it! I seriously recommend this page if you want newly affordable frames or just want a couple to mix and match with some outfits since they're so affordable.
Have a lovely weekend! I'll see you guys again on Thursday! 
~ Natidí

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