IPSY: Volume Up - JUNE 2017 ✿REVIEW✿

July 28, 2017

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Hello, kittens and welcome to Dripdrip!
Today I'll be reviewing the products I got from June's Glam bag. To be completely honest this was a very underwhelming bag. I didn't like the design, at all. To the point where I take back all the things I've said about previous hideous bags before. This takes the cake. This could have been salvage maybe without that vectored lip because the cream dotted canvas print was generally decent but no. Let's stamp this poorly designed lip right in the middle...

The items I got were:
Margaret Dabbs London -Treatment-Enriched Nail Polish in Green Daylily - $18
PÜR - Mini Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara: $11
Hey Honey - Uncover DETOXIFYING MUD MASK - $15
Beaute Basics - TRAVEL FACE BLENDER in LIGHT PINK - $9.99
theBalm Cosmetics - INSTAIN Long-Wearing Staining Powder Blush in Pinstripe: $3

Total Glambag value: $56.99 !
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 ✧ I'm probably the only woman on earth that dislikes beauty blenders. I do, so much! I just don't get them and they usually end up sucking all the product in, pointless much? I've tried using them both dry and moist and I just don't, get it. Oh, and they're such a hassle to store! However, if you're into them, I guess this one isn't that bad? It's small enough that you can get it under your eyes and nose area. 

 This blush's so pretty! I've reviewed this brand a couple of times already and I always say the same thing; great packaging, affordable and pigmented products! This blush also blends really nicely, the only thing I don't love is the shimmer since I usually go for matte blushes but I really don't mind with this one. Great eyeshadow color too!

 I had high expectations with this product, sadly? I didn't see any visible results and I've been using it often. It bothers me a bit that since it has honey you don't really know when the mud actually dries down? It does leave your skin really silky, I'll give it that but that's just about it for me.

 ✧  Don't. I know, I know. A n o t h e r. M A S C A R A. Every time I receive one, I give it 0 ratings. Hit on all the dislike buttons yet Ipsy always manages to send me one. I don't understand why! It's a sick joke. However, for the sake of reviewing this product, I honestly think it's an okay mascara. I like the brand. The mascara works. Is there anything more to say? It doesn't clump on my lashes. It makes them look fuller... yeah.

Last but not least, nail polish! The only thing Ipsy always gets right with me! It has a nice herbally scent to it and it's very opaque. I love it. It has lasted on my nails all week, which is a miracle! Also, the consistency of this polish is very nice to work with. Not too runny or too thick. I'm considering getting more nail polishes from this brand since it also serves as a nail treatment (Though my nails are pretty healthy so I can't really comment on this part!) but they're so pricey.

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Thanks for joining me in this sad adventure. Honestly, my least favorite bag. Did you have better luck with yours? Hopefully, yes. See you on Tuesday
~ Natidí 

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