IPSY: Summer Friday MAY GLAM BAG 2017 ✿REVIEW✿

June 28, 2017

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Today I'll be reviewing May's Summer Friday Ipsy bag. By now you may have noticed I totally lost hope on posting on time, which may or may not be a good thing: The good part is that it'll give me more time to review the products. The bad side? Well, who really wants a month late glam bag review? Seriously, If there is anything I wish to change of this subscription bag, apart from the dreaded mascaras, is for them to arrive on time! On a lighter note, this was a cute bag overall. I'm a sucker for transparent bags like these. Even if I wasn't too fond of the pattern. At least it's waterproof, right? 

This bag included:
★ Mellow Cosmetics - Creamy Matte Lipstick: $13
★ Urban Decay - Afterglow in Sin: $9
★ Adesse New York - Organic Infused Gel Effect Nail Lacquer in Surfer Girl: $18
Grande Cosmetics - Grande MASCARA in Rich Black: $24.95
★ Luxie Beauty - Luxie Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush 660: $23

Total Glam Bag Value : $87.95 ♡ ♡ ♡
(This has been the bag with the greatest product value I've received so far!)
If any of you want to try this monthly bag you can subscribe to Ipsy Here!
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  How to even begin? I love nail polishes, but this was trash. I literally threw this in the trash after trying to paint my nails THRICE with this. I don't know if maybe I got a faulty one, who knows? but it was just impossible to work with! The product was too thick and wouldn't even dry properly. This gets a -10 out of 100. So sad. 

  You can never go wrong with brushes! One of the few good things about this month's bag. This is supposedly an Ipsy bag exclusive, but I don't know how much of that s actually true. I own other brushes from LUXIE and I have to say, they're really good. Sturdy. With soft bristles and actually does a really nice job when applying foundation.

  How do you even give a highlight a proper review? Yes, it made my face all shiny. No it didn't look like sweat, miraculously! I prefer highlighters to be 'white' like this one since they actually look like 'light' on your skin. Oh, and it's actually very pigmented so it can double as an eye-shadow, which is always a good thing!

  Yet. Another. Mascara. Greeeaaaaat. I mean, the packaging's amazing. It makes the mascara look a bit expensive even. Actually, for almost $25 it IS a VERY expensive mascara. Sadly, this didn't really change my life. Made my lashes look the same as all my other mascaras do. It's pigmented tho? but that's just not enough for me. I need volume on my lashes! Oh well,  another one for the mascara bin.

 Finally, we have the Mellow lipstick in Posh. I seriously loved this product! Probably because it's the same shade as all my other favorite lipsticks, however this one's not a liquid lipstick. It's very moisturizing but since it's so matte if you don't exfoliate well your lips it can make them look a bit dry. Ironically!

✿ ✿ ✿
Even though this bag contained many full sized products, I wasn't wowed by anything. Very disappointing to be honest. I don't even ask for much? Just no more mascaras! Is that so hard to understand Ipsy? Hopefully the one I'll be receiving soon'll be better. 

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