May 24, 2017

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As you could already tell from the title, today I'll be reviewing my favorite makeup collection up to date! The Sugarpill's Feline Fancy Makeup Collection. I adore everything about it. From the heart shaped mirror, shadow colors, to the most amazing artwork by Brandi Milne.  This fluffy cat is my spirit animal! Sugarpill seriously outdid themselves this time, making this my go-to palette since February. This collection retails for $48 USD. It also includes Strange Love, a liquid lipstick who's named after my favorite song by Depeche Mode.  

The packaging is everything, artwork and all. This was a valentine's release hence the fancy chocolates surrounding the fluffy cat. On the back part of the palette it has the cutest quote: "A sweeter than sweet collection of four romantic vegan eyeshadows that blend purrfectly together."  Will I ever not fall for packaging? I don't think so. Especially if there's a cat somewhere involved.  The palette feels sturdy even though it's small; travel size friendly. The pans are a decent size too with 2.5 grams each! 

As for colors, the four go perfectly well with each other. That's a huge plus, you won't be needing to look elsewhere to get a full look.  As you can tell from the swatches they're very pigmented and blend nicely with each other. This palette is perfect for beginners who want to venture out of their comfort zone, assuming they don't use many bright colors. They are subtle enough for the timid heart. Perfect for day and night time.   Text Me, is a brownish color that's perfect for transitioning between colors. Probably not for darker skins, but for me, it's perfect. Kiss Kiss is my absolute favorite. The vibrancy tends to wear off throughout the day with this on, so try to apply it with a wet brush for maximum wearability and saturation. 

For lips, Strange Love is a vibrant metallic wine. I adore how lasting Sugarpill's liquid lipsticks are in general and this is no exception. The metallicness of this gives it a unique vibrancy that makes your lips stand out during an event, date, or outing. Yet it's dark enough to be versatile and looks great with different kinds of eye looks, not just the warm eyeshadows in the palette. I think it's a bit to bold for me for casual wear but this has become one of my favorite lip wear during hangouts. 
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Are you planning on getting this? If so, you won't regret it!
Or do you already own it? Do you love/hate it? Share me your opinions on the comments below, much love always! 


  1. Quiero verte con Strange Love puesto!

  2. Oh wow the packaging is absolutely pretty darling

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