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April 28, 2017

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which means that the products I'll be reviewing were provided to me by YesStyle. However, this will not hinder my true thoughts on each one of the products shown. 

Hello, kittens! 
Get ready in less than 10 minutes with this Sweet Spring Makeup kit! I know makeup can be a tedious process, so many steps, and products, but trust me it doesn't have to be a hassle anymore. Especially with the help of this kit. 
For those simple natural beauties or makeup veterans, this kit contains all you need to look fresh in this spring season. 

If you aren't that familiar with YesStyle:  
"YesStyle is the first online retailer to globally distribute a wide range of fashion, beauty and lifestyle products from Asia through their website"  |  From what I've experienced so far, orders overseas take a little longer than three weeks to reach their destination. However, they do offer a tracking number, so you always know where your package's at, and their customer service is excellent.

Let me introduce you to the YesStyle Beauty Box,
It's a box that contains five full-size and four deluxe samples makeup & skincare products.
The products that you'll find in this box are:

✧ RiRe - Luxe Dual Stick #2 Shadow + Blusher | Full Size
RiRe - Lip Manicure Rouge Highfix | Full Size
heimish - All Clean Balm (5ml) | Deluxe Sample (Full Size)
Thank You Farmer - Sun Project Sun Essence + Be Beautiful BB Cream & CC Cream Trial Set (3 pieces) | Deluxe Sample (Full Size: Sun Essence / BB Cream / CC Cream)
Etude House - Pink Vital Water Trial Kit (Facial Toner + Serum + Emulsion)(3 pieces) | Deluxe Sample (Full Size: Toner / Serum / Emulsion)
A'PIEU - My Little Mascara (High Curling) | Full Size
Berrisom - Oops Dual Contouring (No.01 Highlighter & Shading) | Full Size
MCC - Accent Waterproof Eyeliner (#1 Accent Black) | Full Size COSRX - Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser | Deluxe Sample Full Size 
You can purchase it here: Sweet Spring Makeup Kit for $34.93 US. 

★ At first, you might be a little overwhelmed by the products since I'm sure most are going to be a bit unfamiliar with the products. Thankfully the kit comes with a little booklet that not only shows you a brief description of the product but the order you should preferably use them.

★ The first item in the kit is the COSRX - Low pH Good Morning Cleanser. This one is a sample size, perfect for oily skin. It has tea tree oil so it's  excellent for removing makeup and safe for those with sensitive or dry skin. Please take note that even if you run out of this withing a week, it is very important to cleanse your face before applying your makeup. Always.

★ Etude House is a brand I'm quite familiar with. I admit, it's one of my favorite korean brands for skincare and makeup. This is the Pink Vital Trial Kit. In any skin care regimen, you should always apply a toner after using your cleanser, followed by a serum and emulsion. I know some people aren't familiar with using so many products before applying makeup but trust me it's going to do you wonders in the long run. Not only because this will thoroughly clean your pores but it'll also give your skin the right vitamins that could prevent wrinkles and aging skin from environmental exposure, or even using makeup on a daily basis. This contains peach water, plus vitamin A, C and E. Not too heavy and absorbed quickly. I'm thinking of purchasing the full sized ones in the future because it didn't leave my skin feeling sticky. 

★ After we have prepared our skin, we are now ready to start painting our faces! Korean beauty isn't too fond of heavy cakey makeup. They rarely use a heavy foundation so, here we have the THANK YOU FARMER - Sun Project Sun Essence + Be Beautiful BB Cream & CC Cream Trial Set.
The most important thing that you will learn from Korean beauty is to protect your face from the sun. The sun can cause wrinkles amongst other bad things like skin cancer, etc. 
Personally, I'm not fond of using sunscreen because my face's oily and they tend to leave my skin looking very shiny, almost greasy. Not only that, flash photography is the ultimate enemy when using sunscreen. I guess, If you have dry skin, you won't have this problem. Afterward, you should apply the BB cream on blemishes since BB creams tend to have more coverage than CC creams. (But way less than foundation) and lastly, apply the CC cream.  This was my least favorite product in the kit simply because I don't like having that 'healthy' glow. The matte the face, the better for me. Any readers with oily skin that feel the same way? Raise your hands up! Also, if you have dark skin this probably won't work for you. Maybe as a highlighter? That's the downfall of BB cream and CC cream in Korea, they tend to only cater to lighter skins.

 The RiRe - Luxe Dual Stick #2 Shadow + Blusher's a very unique product that as their name suggest, serve as a blush and/or eyeshadow. I love that it's  creamy, making it very easy to blend. Also, it's very pigmeted. I don't really like it as an eyeshadow since it's a bit too creamy, so I tend to press a bit of translucent powder on top. I've been using it on my lips too lately, since you can make the cutest gradient lips with this! However, this isn't a lipstick! 

★ I'm very unimpressed when it comes to mascaras. Those of you that are frequent on my blog know this. However, if there is one thing I noticed from the A'PIEU - My Little Mascara is that it's a true thick black mascara that leaves your lashes looking like falsies. They make your eyes itch a bit if you accidentally rub your eyes, but hey, don't most mascaras already do this? Also, the brush is really comfortable to use!

★ Next, comes the eyeliner! I enjoyed that the MCC - Accent Waterproof Eyeliner in black. You probably can't do a winged liner with this, unless you use tape... but it runs smoothly and I had no complaints. Perfect for tightening your lids. I'm not sure about the waterproof claim since I haven't gotten the chance to test that part out. It did wash off my hand easily, so?

★ I've been loving this Oops Dual Contouring by Berrisom, maybe because its consistency is similar to that of a concealer. The light color is a bit too pale for my skin but since it's so creamy I can blend it to perfection. It lasts longer than your regular powdered highlight/contour, that's for sure!  A little goes a long way, so try to build up slowly or else you might end up with a bit of a mess.  Also, be careful on the undereye because it sets on them fine lines because of its consistency. 
 ★ This lipstick lasts all through the night and it's such a pretty color! I'm very impressed with the RiRe Lip Manicure Rouge. At first, I thought this was a nail polish and can you blame me? It says manicure in the packaging! It's very drying, so be warned. This is the very first Korean liquid lipstick I ever try, I didn't think it could be possible since they love natural glowy lips and this is as matte as it gets! It's not the very best liquid lipstick out there, but it's not bad either.  

★ Finally, after wearing all that makeup what do we do? We take it all off! This is super important, there is nothing more gross and damaging for your skin than falling asleep with makeup. This balm turns to oil when it comes in contact with water and melts away your makeup. I seriously loved this. It even removed my mascara, and that's the most stubborn thing to remove. At least for me! 

I hope this review was helpful and even if you're not planning on getting this Beauty Box, found each product review and makeup tips helpful! #YSBEAUTYBOX17 #YESSTYLE. PayPal users can use the coupon YESSTYLEPP to enjoy Extra 10% off & Free worldwide shipping for orders over US$35! For more details on this exclusive offer, click here: 
Have a wonderful weekend, much love! ♡ 
~ Natidí

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