Smashbox: Cover Shot Eye Palette in Soft Light & Be Legendary Liquid Lip in Moscow Muled ✿REVIEW✿

April 14, 2017

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Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Hello, kittens!
I'm really excited because not too long ago I received my first VoxwBox from Influenster! I was selected to try out and review the Smashbox Cover Shot VoxBox. Which basically contains the Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette in Soft Light and the Be Legendary Liquid Lip in Moscow Muled.

A quick fact is that Smashbox, a cruelty-free makeup brand, worked in collaboration with Shay Mitchell to create a total of seven palettes. If you're curious about her, head over to her youtube - shaymitchell!

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Let me start by expressing how much I adore the packaging! Wow, can more eyeshadow palettes be like this? It's small and compact, perfect for traveling. It retails $29.00 for 0.27 oz. and the pans are big enough for your brushes and/or finger! Another thing I loved is that the palette has the name of the shades on the back. I really hate when more expensive brands forget to do so on their palettes. I'm pretty sure they think it's no big deal, but trust me, it is!   

Out of the seven in the collection, I received the Soft Light.  To be honest, I wasn't impressed upon first opening the lid. I genuinely thought these shades would be too light for my skin tone. Colors like these tend to be too sheer, sometimes not even showing up on my skin hence why I don't usually go for colors like these! However, wow. These colors are truly pigmented. You can tell from the swatches on my arm, which is a bit tanner than my face that they actually show up! A bit skeptical, I tried blending them on my lids and they did effortlessly. So honestly, these get at solid 10 out of 10!

Keeper and Starlight look very similar in the packaging & arm swatch but they do look different on the lids. Especially with a light over them, maybe it's because each has a different shimmer in their formula? My favorite shade and the one that impressed me the most out of the bunch was Beach House. It is the prettiest brown I've even owned and it gives the perfect pop to brown eyes. So, even if I end up using other palettes in the future (for matte colors since these are all shimmers), I definitely see myself returning to this shade. 

Overall, I think this palette is perfect if you're into Korean makeup. These colors are the exact shades most of the 'korean' YouTubers use for their daily makeup looks! If you're into minimal daily wear colors or someone who isn't looking for a heavy, ultra pigmented or dark eyeshadow palette, these will do the trick. The lighter colors worked great as highlighters on me too! So, even though these colors aren't my usual cup of tea, I'm amazed by how pigmented they are for such light colors. Oh, and I never used eyelid primer on these swatches. Imagine if I did!
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Now, the star of this box, for me at least, was Moscow Muled. This retails for $24 for 0.27 oz. A metallic copper lipstick that I'm in LOVE with & it smells so freaking good. It's so pigmented, as you can see in the swatch. It's not a matte liquid lipstick but it's not a gloss either. It doesn't feel sticky at all and reapplies nicely. Which I know, it's kinda' weird since it looks so shiny in the swatch! You can trust me on this because I hate lipglosses so much. Even more when you have long messy hair that gets everywhere, especially your face. It's not as lasting as a liquid lipstick, but it lasts more than your regular lipstick. 

I have never tried Smashbox eyeshadows or lipsticks before this, so I'm pleasantly surprised that they're actually good. I'm probably going to try darker/warmer eyeshadows in the future! Again,  as a small reminder, Yes. These were sent to me for free but as always, everything stated was my most honest opinion!  Thanks for your endless comments & support, it means the world to me! 


  1. Moscow Muled is beautiful!

    - Marie

  2. ♥︎♥︎♥︎(^◇^)siii~

  3. damnnnn that packaging is so cool!!
    Totally agree with you that the colour look beautiful and definitely they would suit the korean makeup style~ :) Thank you for sharing!
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || April Skin Korean Beauty Giveaway!

  4. The colors of this palette are amazing
    Great review
    beautiful photos


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