March 6, 2017

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Don't you just love February, filled with reds, rose motif everything, hearts and chocolates? because I know Ipsy doesn't. Making this my biggest pet peeve with this month's bag. It's hella ugly. While other companies are releasing valentine's exclusive themed boxes, Ipsy just had to go all denim on us? I mean, of course, if you're into this style, I mean no offense. It's just not what I was expecting for the month of February. At least it's not as bad as the graffiti one from June 2016 but this one's definitely the runner up.

February's Glambag contained:
Luna By Luna Cosmetics - Highlighter in Calypso: $23
Trust Fund Beauty - $12 Latte: $15
NYX Professional Makeup Butter™ Lipstick - Ripe Berry: $6
Lord & Berry LINE/SHADE Eye Pencil - #221 Black: $5

Total Glambag value: $51.50

If any of you want to try this monthly bag you can subscribe to Ipsy Here!
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★ I've never been a fan of highlighters up until recently, simply because I always believed they were oversized and overpriced shimmer eyeshadows. I still do, especially since my oily face already gives me that eternal glow. I'm not as against them as severely as I once was and I've been experimenting with a few lately. This one by luna cosmetic's not bad. It's very pigmented and blends nicely. I keep staring at the price and I honestly don't understand why highlighters are so overpriced? Anyways, I will be using this as eyeshadow too so thank you Ipsy! 

★ Let me start by stating that this eyeliner retails for $16... This has to be illegal somewhere. It's waterproof and actually blends decently but no kohl eyeliner pencil should be worth this much. Also, I used it for a night out and It didn't last? I will continue using this because I'm not going to just throw it away, It does work... but I don't see myself purchasing this ever after it runs out.

★ This Nyx butter lipstick is the prettiest shade of berry. I think this was my favorite product out of the entire bag, probably the cheapest too! This lipstick retails at $6 at your local drug store. It's smooth and pigmented, however, it doesn't last. At all. Not even through a cup of coffee. I know it's not a liquid lipstick, but I've had regular lipsticks last longer than this! Might continue using this until I find this shade on a better brand? So, If any of you have any suggestions please let me know! Seriously so in love with this color.

★ My nails look like poop. Okay? POOP. I love Trust Fund Beauty because their nail polishes seem to last longer than the usual nail polish, however, this backfired tremendously as I tried this polish on. At first, I was excited expecting a cute Latte brown, like the name suggests but no... It's the ugliest brown ever. Maybe for nail art, it could be useful? but please don't paint all your nails in this color. The sad part of it all, I convinced myself on leaving them painted like this until they chipped off so I wouldn't have to use acetone on my nails... they've lasted an entire week.

★ This scrub smells so good, It has organic honey and coconut milk! This gentle exfoliator's supposed to be good for sensitive skin and can be used daily. I think this is a good affordable addition to my skin care routine. I can't believe I had never heard of this brand. 

What was your favorite item in this month's bag? Any hits or misses? Drop a comment below, with your thoughts! Always wishing you all a happy week; Venus is in retrograde so make sure to keep your emotions well kept and your expenses at bay! 
~ Natidí


  1. this glambag looks so good ! love it

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  2. I don't understand why highlighters are so pricey either! Thanks for sharing, I don't subscribe to anything like this so I love to see what people get xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  3. Interesting products. The lipstick Nyx is beautiful, I really like the shade ♥

  4. Lovely products, personally I have completely given up on subscription boxes. They are nowhere near as generous here in the UK, I was signed up to a couple for a while, but honestly, so many of the products just ended up going to waste! Some of these look quite interesting, though. :) Thanks for sharing! xoxo


  5. great post! U want to follow each other on gfc? Let me know on my blog :)
    XX, Rahel - www.justrahel.blogspot.com

  6. Oh very great box~ I really like the NYX butter lipstick the color is pretty


  7. So many lovely products! I also like that berry shade of lipstick! <3


  8. Oh it look really great! Especially I love the nailpolish colors :D


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