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February 10, 2017

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A few of my friends were eagerly waiting for this specific review for a while now so at last, here it is! I have so many mixed feelings about this palette that I'll go into details further in the post, hence why It took so long for me to actually complete and publish this... Mind you, In case you're curious, I usually write multiple reviews/posts at a time which takes forever to pro-read and edit everything! A little price to pay for wanting everything to be perfect, forward and honest. 

Anyways! Two awesome cruelty-free brands, one glorious palette! The Better Together collection was a collaboration between the brand's Too Faced & Kat Von D Beauty. This collection retails online for $65.00. Pricey, right? However, to its defense, it does include two full sized products of the Better Than Sex Mascara ($23) and the Tatoo Liner in Trooper ($20). So technically this palette's actually $22... sort of, right? Too bad the only way of getting this palette is actually purchasing the bundle. 
As a designer, I think aesthetically this palette is simply wonderful. From the little details like the fact that the two sides can detach whenever you want or both the notes, the owners wrote on the inside of the packaging. I wish companies would do things like this more often, focusing on details instead of mass producing products just to make a profit. The art is in the details.  

This palette doesn't include a mirror which has stirred some complaint in the makeup community but honestly, I don't care because chances are you need another palette anyways to create a full look using these colors. This is actually where my mixed feelings come along; I feel you need other matte colors to bring out the true potential of this palette. 

The colors are beautiful, yes. But it's really hard to get a cohesive look with these colors. I feel like you can only do two looks at most using both the sides of the palette. Let me explain, the norm when creating a full eye look If you don't already know, of course! Is to put your base color, crease color and then a brow highlight. Since these colors are so different it's really hard to blend them together into, let's say, for example, you're trying to do a smokey eye with the red swoon from Kat's side you have no other option than using the black or gray and let's be honest, a smokey eye with this red color would look killer with a dark brown on the crease, anyways! That's just preference but honestly, this palette needed least more matte or transition colors.

Supposedly, they're hinting of doing a Vol. 2 of the Better Together, so maybe that has something to do with the selection of these colors but again, these are just my two cents.

The colors aren't bad. They have a bit of a kick back but like I've previously stated, maybe it's the brushes I'm using. They're smooth to the touch and blend really nicely. I won't go into every single shade into detail... however, I will mention my biggest letdown, ever. It pains me so much to say so because It is my favorite shade out of this entire collection; Swoon.
I used Primer. Okay? I literally had to dig into my makeup box and find my Urban Decay's eyelid eye primer just to see if I could make this color work. This is such a big deal since I hardly ever use primer on my lids because I really dislike how it feels. Honestly concealer really always does the trick for me yet this color kept fading away... At first, you're super excited because it looks so pigmented and you're like hell yeah super feeling yourself but by the time you finish doing your face, the color starts looking less and less vibrant... and by the end of it, it just looks like a really weird copper color.
Really bad.
On the other hand a color I feel needs recognition is LovelyI had no expectations whatsoever on this color and bam. It's actually a true pastel-pigmented pink! I still don't know how I'm going to use this, or if I'll ever will, but at least it's true to its color when swatched. Oh, and Yours, It's Such a beautiful true gray that I see people using when blending dark smokey eyes. 

Last but not least we have the Better Than Sex Mascara and Tattoo eyeliner in trooper. Both products are definitely not new to me since I use them religiously on the daily. The hype is real with this mascara. believe me, I was in denial for the longest of time until I received a sample in the Ipsy bag. Since then, I really think this is such a good mascara. It doesn't clump your eyelashes and it gives them this thickness that seems almost as if you're wearing falsies without the hassle. I've lived off drugstore mascaras for the longest and never understood the difference until this came along.

Finally, we have Trooper which I've come to the conclusion that everyone already owns this eyeliner. Am I wrong? Do I even need to review this? Seriously, who doesn't own this already? Haha, It's so dark and pigmented, a true black. It goes easily on top of other eyeshadows without feathering and to be quite honest making a wing with this is a breeze. Unless, well... you have a bad pulse or you're just bad with eyeliner? Then I suggest you use the tape method which works every single time!  

We've come to the end of this review. I love you forever if you made it all the way 'till the end. This one took me quite some time to finish! So, what are your thoughts, I'm curious! Do you feel the same way, or is it just me? Do you think it was over hyped, or is it just as you had hoped for? Are you planning on getting this If you don't already?  Don't forget to leave a comment below this post and have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. I'm on a mix feeling (I haven't purchased yet due still on my mix feeling) the packaging is beautiful, I may buy it and maybe I would use it as much as their product.

  2. Oh my! That palette looks so fancy! Love that heart-shaped packaging! Lovely photos ❀

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