IPSY: Metropolis January 2017 ✿REVIEW✿

February 2, 2017

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Hello, kittens and welcome to Dripdrip!
Today I'll be sharing January's Ipsy bag, which actually came in time! Not by much, though. To anyone not familiar to this subscription; Ipsy is simply a monthly beauty & makeup subscription box. (bag?) For just $10 a month you get 4 – 5 sample products and a full sized item, not to mention the cute makeup bag that contains all of the products!

Also, If any of you want to try this monthly bag you can subscribe to Ipsy Here!
(When a friend or anyone subscribes to the Glam Bag using your referral link you earn 250points, which you can exchange for really nice rewards on their page!)

★ Manna Kadar Cosmetics: Paradise Blush - $19
★ SLMissGlam: Blend Beauty Brush L34 - $13
★ F.U.N Lacquer: F.U.N Lacquer TGIF - $11.50
★ pur~lisse: Blue Lotus Seed 5-in-1 mud mask + exfoliant - $10.40
★ theBalm Cosmetics: Bahama Mama - $1.60

Total glam bag value: $55.50! 

♡  ♡  
★ theBalm has the best vintage artwork on all of their products hands down! Not only that, their products are usually very nice and pigmented. It kinda' bums me out that this sample is so ridiculously small! The good thing about this bronzer is the fact that it doesn't have any orange undertones, however, because of this, If you don't blend the product well it could look like dirt on your face. Trust me, you're not going to want that so make sure you take your time blending! 

★ I've never heard of this brand before but I'm really happy that now I do. I received this blush in Paradise Blush and it's so beautiful! This warm pink color has golden undertones and is very pigmented. Blushes tend to take a while to blend but this blush applies so effortlessly!

★ My heart hurts with this brush so much. Usually, I adore getting brushes on my glam bag, I really do! but... this one is so bad... and you might be thinking, how can a blending brush possibly be bad? I feel like it picks up pigment rather than blend it. Whenever I try to use this brush I seem to end with less product on my lids? Almost as if I'm cleaning my eyes? seriously. Funny story, I was considering getting the $200 brushes on their site since they're just so pretty (and I'm in serious need of some new brushes!). Thank god my friend stopped me on time giving me the chance to try this brush before the horrid splurge that was going to happen because that would have been the worst desition ever! 

★ I adore this color BUT I hate this nail polish. Even with a top clear coat, it chips away so fast! I literally painted my nails and by the next day, they were chipped. If any of you have any tips on making nail polish last longer than one day please send it my way because I seriously like this color so much and I feel like it's just going to go to waste. 

★ This month's star! The Blue Lotus seed mask is so amazing! Pur~liss is a brand that I got acquainted by Ipsy. Like I mentioned on my last Ipsy post, I've grown fond of it since I always get all the product samples from this brand! However, this mask specifically is a must have. A bit pricey, but thankfully Ipsy is offering 30% off with the code: MudIpsy30.

There you have it! If you came this far, thank you for reading! Tell me, are you subscribed to Ipsy? Which was your favorite product? Don't be shy and comment below, I reply to all the comments always and forever! 

Have an amazing day, until next time!  


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  1. yikes, i saw that brush collection and thought about getting it too, glad i didn't make the purchase now lmao. nice post! x
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