Pusheen Box Winter 2016 ✿REVIEW✿

January 30, 2017

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Hello, kittens and welcome to Dripdrip!
It's the day you've all been waiting for, The Pusheen Winter box review!
Even though this is only my second box, (You can check my very first here: Pusheen Box Fall 2016
) this has proven to be my favorite subscription ever! Why? Probably because I adore Pusheen, obviously! Also, the fact that this box offers first edition and adorable exclusives!

It is a seasonal subscription box, which means you'll only get 4 boxes a year. You can learn more about this from their website: Pusheen Box. The quarterly plan's a total of $49.95 and it gets processed the 15th of the first month of the next shipping cycle.

Now, onward on reviewing the goodies!
This month contained a total of eight (8) winter-themed items which are all Pusheen box exclusives.

♡ ♡ ♡

First, we have the Pusheen Thermos. Perfect for keeping warm beverages like coffee or tea! The only thing I didn't like about this's the rubber-like material on the outside of the thermos since, as you may have noticed on the photo above since little particles of dust get attached to it. So, it's not something you can just throw in your bag. Well, you can? If you have an ultra clean bag. (Which I don't!) Haha~ Also, you can't really microwave this? Though, those are just minor details.

Next, we have this Pusheen tea infuser! Sadly, I haven't used it yet because all the teas I currently own are the ones that are already in little bags. But, I am planning on getting a dehydrator soon so I can use the leaves from my lil' mint plant for tea (Or until I purchase loose leaves teas?) can't wait to take pusheen for a tasty dive!

Pusheen washi tape! Can you believe that this is one of my favorite items in this winter box? It is. I've already used it on numerous things. Already feeling a bit sad thinking about how I'm probably going to run out of it soon. Can this turn into an endless washi tape? please.

My least favorite thing out of the entire box were the ugly Pusheen winter gloves! I mean, maybe it's the fact that we don't ever get snow here in PR & I'll probably never use them, unless I travel to a chilly place, obviously! I mean, the more I look at them, the more I see a bit of charm to them? I mean, they don't look that bad, right? Ahem... anyways! I'm sure other customers are probably enjoying these.

This Pusheen stamp set was also a favorite. This year I started on my very first bullet journal, which I'm adoring this new found community btw! I was so excited to receive this because now I'll be able to decorate my pages with all the cuteness. A few of the stamps are more than obvious winter themed but I don't really mind.

I'm going to stop now because I keep saying the same thing over and over... but I can't help it, I swear, this was my favorite item on the box! The winter Pusheen vinyl figure. It's a perfect size, also it actually stands by itself! The previous Pusheen bat figure kinda' wobbles a bit.

On the box we also had wrapping paper and to/from stickers! I seriously don't want to use them because they're just so adorable but I probably will for birthday gifts and such, maybe? Thankfully these aren't winter themed so they caused used whenever.

Now we have a Pusheen scarf! Again, this has to be the saddest part about 'winter' anything; the fact that we don't ever get the season change or the drastic weather change. I will find a place to wear this, I swear!

Pusheen string lights! Gosh, these are just so pretty and they work with batteries. Which I love because all of the wall's electric outlets are taken. Seriously hoping these have a nice lifespan.

There you have it! Are you subscribed to the Pusheen box too? What was your favorite item, your least? Did you enjoy the winter items, or do you live in a warm place like me!? I can't wait to receive the Summer box because that is definitely going to be right up my alley!

Have a lovely week,
love forever and always! ~Natidí


  1. The thermos, tea infuser and Pusheen lights need to make their way into my life! Oh my God!!


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