Ipsy: carpe p.m. December 2016 ✿REVIEW✿

January 9, 2017

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Hello, kittens!
Sorry for the hella late post, this time around it had nothing to do with the bag arriving late, I swear! My computer was just terminally ill for the past two weeks until I found a tech that was finally able to revive her, needless to say, I lost all my files... so!
Here it is, my review for December's hideous glam bag. It's not red, it's not actually pink. It's, Magenta? I'm actually happy with the contents. Maybe reviewing all the received products on their page is finally paying off, maybe? It's just the bag itself. I really, can't fake liking it...

The bag contained: (Approx. value)
★ MintPear: Beauty Blending Sponge - $ 20
★ NYX Professional Makeup: Prismatic Shadow (Jaded) - $6
★ Tarte cosmetics: deluxe maracuja oil - $25
★ City Color Cosmetics: Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon, Blackberry, and Guava - $5.99
★ Privai: Aqua Gel Masque - $10

Total Glam bag Value: $66.99

First off, I got this beauty blender! Which I was very happy because, funny story, I almost burned my house down the other day because these little things are flammable so be careful! Do not place them anywhere near a hair iron... Anyways! I normally use brushes, or even my fingers, to apply foundation but recently I decided to give in and start using beauty blenders. It's still difficult because I honestly believe they suck most of the product making it hard to get full coverage, buuuuut I do admit that it's really good for blending cream contour.

Maracuja oil is really good for almost everything. I feel like it's the underappreciated younger brother of coconut oil. I honestly had no idea Tarte had their own, so I was very curious as to what other benefits this had other than just buying this oil elsewhere? I checked the ingredients and they stated: passiflora edulis seed oil, tocopherol. So I guess they just added the extra vitamin E, for extra healthy skin? I did see that it's retailed for $45 on their website, so I don't know... I'm pretty sure you could just make your own cheaper version. Needless to day, I don't think I'll purchase it IRL however I have been using this almost every day on my fine lines, and on the tips of my hair.

This was my favorite thing out of the entire bag. Mainly because Guava looks so nice on my skin. Like, really! I searched on their website for this item but they don't have it, so I'm guessing this was an Ipsy exclusive and you can only get them in separates? Which is okay by me. It's smooth, pigmented, and blendable. Also, it's matte. Obviously, as the product states. Which is really hard to get in a blush nowadays since everything tends to have som sort of shimmer in it.

This eyeshadow is very rich in color however I'm so unimpressed by the actual shade. I feel like I already have 3 other shadows that are exact dupes of this received on previous Ipsy bags. I should probably make a review about in the near future? Anyways, It's really smooth and blendable. I guess I just wish I'd received a different shade.

Finally, I got this gel masque that I've also been using for the past week. Sadly, it has too little product to ever know if it works or not. I have noticed tighter skin but I'm not sure if it's placebo talk or not. Maybe if it had a little bit more, maybe a month's worth?

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Have a wonderful week!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Ipsy Bags are always such a hit/miss to me LOL I ended up unsubscribing a couple of months ago, but this was a good bag! Really digging that they added a beauty blender and that NYX eyeshadow is such a nice color!


    1. I feel you, it really gets to a point where you're just doing it for the bag! Haha~


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