December 12, 2016

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Hello kittens! ♡ 
November's glam bag was a cute star filled bag. At first, I wasn't that impressed with the pattern but once I had the bag in my hands things changed, slightly, since these bags have been upgrading their quality game. HOWEVER, I ended up getting my bag the first week of December. I've already complained so many times with customer service about this but I guess they don't really care. C'mon, Puerto Rico isn't that far away from California! 

The bag contained: (Aprox. value)
★ Luxie Beauty: Luxie Rose Gold Small Duo Fiber Brush 524T - $18
★ pūr~lisse: Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer - $10
★ Adesse New York: Brightening Base Coat - $18
★ Too Faced: Better Than Sex Mascara - $12
★ Elizabeth Mott: Color is Bae Lip Lacquer in Moxie Mauve - $4.70

Total Glam bag Value: $62.70

★ Yet another mascara! Yup. Those were my first thoughts upon opening my bag. I mean, If you guys are active here you know all about my endless complaints over mascaras in general. Guess what happened this time? Too faced totally slapped me in the eyes. This mascara is actually VERY NICE. I finally understand what all the hype has been over this mascara. The wand actually brushes your lashes individually giving them a soft even dark look, definitely no spider leg lashes here!  Actually, I feel like I might purchase this full sized once it runs out. 

★ This lip lacquer arrived in the color Moxie Mauve. Which is a really nice pinkish color. At first I thought it was some kind of gloss, but no. It dries matte and had quite the lasting power, so more bonus points for this brand!  It's almost as good as the KDV ones I own. 

★ One good thing about Ipsy is that they always manage to send me some kind of nail polish. Which I love since I'm such a nail polish junkie. I think they finally realized this and decided to send me some nail care this time around, maybe? This is a base coat that supposedly brightens the nail? Well, I just used it and I don't really see the brightening effect, not that I really matter since I ended up using another nail polish over it. Still, It's nice to get these types of things, so I ain't complaining. 
★ I don't know what this brush is for guys! Ipsy says: "Friends with everyone. Plays well with powders, creams and liquids." and I even saw their lil' video but I just find this brush to be so lightweight? I used it once and ended up grabbing my usual powder brush because I just wasn't having it. I mean, It's not terribly useless... If you're into very faint makeup maybe you'll like this? Maybe it's just me. 

★ Pūr~lisse is a brand I got to know thanks to Ipsy and now I have a small bag filled with these products since Ipsy won't stop sending them my way. I'm not complaining tho, It's just that I still don't know if they're good or not. I do use them regularly since they're so tiny and accessible (since my makeup bag's usually a mess). I've gotten a toner, moisturizer, even anti eye wrinkle creams... and my face looks the same? My face feels slightly better with this one however but It could also be that the weather here in PR has been acting up and my usual oily face is drying up.  Who knows? One day I'll try to make a thorough review on these since I feel I might be overlooking how good they are? Since they're: "...authentic time-tested Asian beauty wisdom with advanced French cosmeceuticals." and we all know how good Korean skin care is!

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Have a wonderful day!
~ RariMoon

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