IPSY: Black Magic October 2016 ✿REVIEW✿

October 22, 2016

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Hello kittens!
I honestly feel like Ipsy is stepping up their bag game. The quality has significant improved, they're arriving on time (Sort off!) and their recent collaborations have been to die for. October's collaboration was alongside Valfre, an LA based label founded by artist Ilse Valfré.
Let's take a look at all the goodies inside! 

The bag contained: (Aprox. value)
★ theBalm Cosmetics: CabanaBoy Blush - $5.60
★ NUDESTIX: Concealer Pencil in Medium 4 - $10
★ Kokie Cosmetics: Kokie Nail Polish in Heavenly - $6
★Trust Fund Beauty: Gimme Good Face - Face Primer - $5
★ pūr~lisse: Daily Lip Nourisher with Mango and Shea Butters - $6.75

Total Glam bag Value: $33.35, probably the lowest value ag I've gotten but I'm okay with it since the bag seriously compensates!

I fell like all my Ipsy bags have one thing in common and that's nail polishes! I really like this shade. It's much lighter in real life. Putting aside how horribly I painted my nails, this formula is really nice. Usually light colors tend to be really heavy and just too tick to deal with. I had to shake this one for a while first but the application ran smoothly. The website states: "A chip off the old… nothing. Withstands everyday wear and tear." which trust me, I'm going to test if this if it's real or not. So far, day two and it hasn't chipped. Okay, you're probably thinking wow, two days, big deal? but guys, I legit chip off some weird part of my nails within 5 minutes of having them done.

This dusty rose color is really pigmented and the application runs smooth. I have personal issues whenever I receive single eyeshadows because I tend to forget about them... I'm going keep this one visible because I actually want to use this one more since it's not a hassle to blend and looks really nice as a single lid color.

 Okay, their page says it's Koala-approved with a light eucalyptus scent but it seriously smells nothing like eucalyptus. It feels really sylicone'ish... Which I hate? Primer goes after moisturizer so I guess that'll help a bit? I guess I'll use this on those days I want to wear heavy makeup but I already own the two faced pure primer... so maybe I wont. Anyone wants to trade this?

This is a bit too light on me, which I don't mind because I can always correct it when I apply foundation. I love the fact that it's smooth and blends nicely maybe because it contains Shea butter and vitamin E hydrate which I think is a huge bonus since the things we usually  tend to conceal, like pimples, scars, eyeags, require hydration.

I love products like these since I think I only ever wear liquid lipsticks as most of you already know!
This prevents my lips from chipping and looking like shriveled peas. Their site states that this product, "Soften up. Jojoba oil soothes chapped lips." So do we really need anything else?  (Oh, also, I wore this over night and it helped reduce my fine lip lines! I'm not saying this product fixes this, but I did on my lips, so maybe thats's a slight bonus?)

♡ ♡ ♡

Well, there you have it!  I'm really happy with my recent bags to be honesy.  If any of you want to try these monthly Glam Bags you can subscribe on Ipsy Here! ♡  (When someone or a friend subscribes to the Glam Bag with your referral link you earn 250points which you can exchange for really nice rewards on their page!)

Have a wonderful weekend! ~
~ RariMoon

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  1. I'm completely in love with the October Ipsy bag it soooo cute also I should totally try pur-lisse since I also wear liquid lipstick 98% at the time


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