July 15, 2016

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Hello kittens! ♡ 
I finally managed to fix the schedule setting on blogger, since it wasn't posting on time! So stay tuned to the regular programming. (Monday, Sunday's and Friday's) Anyways, I'll be showing you guys all the things I received in June's Glambag. It wasn't that impressive, to be honest. In fact, I think I didn't like anything. Not even the bag. If the bag would have had the cute anime-like girl on the postcard perhaps I would had enjoyed it a teeny bit more? but no. I seriously think this bag is hideous, sorry If anyone actually liked it?

The products I received were: 

★ Crown Brush 3 Tone Bronzer – $9.99
★ Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Lounge – .85 g Value $10.75
★ Be a Bombshell Famous Pout Secret – FULL SIZE! Value $14
★ FORMULA X Nail Polish in Wingwoman – $4.99
★ BioRepublic SkinCare Fiber Mask Set – $9.98

Total glam bag value: $49.71 ★ //

I don't like glosses for many reasons.  They aren't lasting, feel sticky, you have to be constantly reapplying to keep that cute 'glow'. This isn't a bad product and it's definitely pigmented as far as glosses go but it's just not for me. What's worse is that this one was the full sized product. Great. Probably going to just give this away to someone, any takers?

Woah, so much hype for this? Ok, let me explain before I come of as a hater! The Venus II palette by LimeCrime  (You can see the full review here!) has almost exactly the same shade and is far more pigmented. You can see in the comparison above. Yeah, it's a great eyeshadow, and Urban Decay has really nice products but this eyeshadow wasn't something new to me which was upsetting because this one was one of the star products in this month's bag. Oh well...

I had to raise the saturation a bit on this photos so you guys could see the colors of better. Honestly, this isn't very pigmented. It look great in swatches but they're so bad in real life. I'm very unimpressed buy these and they're so expensive on their website, what. I mean, If you're a subtle person I guess you might like this? but it's just almost a nonexistent subtle.

Ok, these are so useless. They aren't pore tightening masks. They aren't black head removing masks. They aren't collagen masks for fine lines... They're just 'illuminating' fiber masks. Awesome, right? No. Unless you have like really dry skin, but I don't. Well, to be fair I already used them both and they do feel refreshing? but that's about it. Also, $4.99 for each? Seems like a ripoff.

The only good thing in this bag! Simply because I love nail polishes and this is a nice brand. It's not as lasting as gels but it's decent.  Also, all you need is one coat, though I always use more than one!

It was overall dissapointing but at least I already took a peak on July's bag and it seems promising! Bright-side, right?
I hope this was helpful for any of you. Also,  If you want to try these monthly Glam Bags and see if you have better luck than me, you can subscribe on Ipsy Here!
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Have a wonderful weekend! XoXo (Stay tuned for Sunday's post!)
 ~ RariMoon


  1. Jajaja no fui la única que pensó que la bolsa era feita XD nice review. Yo recibí el otro color de sombra UD y es bonito, no tengo nada como ese. Tengo un dupe para el que recibiste también, insomnia de makeup geek. Recibí las sheet masks también, mi piel es combinación y me gustaron más que una que compre en sephora XD Mi bolsa de julio no me impactó though u.u máscara que no me interesa, más highlighter, crema :| que no me interesa, una brocha que es nice, y una sombra de the balm :/ súper cool tone que no me va a lucir bien

  2. @CaramelBunny porlomenos el bag de julio es super cute, viste comparandolo con este cualquier item que hubiera recibido was going to be waaaaaay better. OMG, Yo tengo un bag lleno de mascaras de Ipsy, it's like, I get it lashes are important pero cojan un break! xD Hahaha


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