Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade (DarkBrown/Chocolate) ✿REVIEW✿

July 7, 2016


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I hope you're all having a wonderful Summer. ~ヾ(^∇^)
Today I'm going to be making a quick review on a product I've been using for a while now, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. After a tragic incident with my old pomade, (It fell and shattered), my boyfriend got me a new dipbrow and in a different shade! (thankyoooou~) So, apart from the usual review I'll make a lil' comparison between both shades at the end. 

You've probably heard about this product on Instagram or maybe even YouTube? So, If you're new to this you can purchase it over at Sephora for $18.00. Which is really neat because to be honest, it lasts almost forever. I had my previous one for around six months before It decided to die on me and it still had product left, so it's a nice thing to consider. 

Also, I recommend getting the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12 because it'll make application so much easier! Other angled brushes seem too soft, at least the ones I own, and this has the perfect hold. 

If you're not new to this product you can scroll down to see the swatch comparison between the Dark Brown pomade and the Chocolate one

At first, I hated this product. I swear. I remember texting my best-friend telling her how I made a huge mistake, gave into the hype and now I was stuck with this thing. But she insisted that my eyebrows looked great and that I was being very silly, so I kept wearing it.
Guess what? Thank you, because now I can't stop doing my brows!
So, If you feel weird at first, it's okay! Just keep practicing and I promise you'll get used to it. 

The pomade is smudge proof and waterproof but I think the best part is the fact that they are sweat proof! Yes, I've gone to the gym (On days that I don't even bother removing my makeup) and after a pretty intense workout, they're still there. I think the only way of removing them is with makeup/face wipes and even then I like to add a hint of coconut oil to make sure I get all the product out. 

It's a weird consistency, the closest thing I can compare it to is Henna? Because once you apply it it dries on your little hair and it stays there. However that's one of the negative things about this product. You need to store it someplace warm because it dries pretty quickly making it a hassle to apply! I'd say you have to learn how to master this product and finish your brows in less than a minute so you don't have to deal with it drying.

 As you can see, they are both very similar but the Dark Brown has more of a ash tone than Chocolate. I applied the pomade first with the brushed angled directly into the hand and then straight down on the side.

Which one do I prefer? Chocolate. It seems more natural because it's actually 'brown'.
I do recommend trying them on before purchasing just to be 100 % sure on the right shade for you.
For example, my hair is naturally brown but I do darken it from time to time and even so, I think Chocolate is the one that looks best on me regardless of whatever brown shade of hair I have.

Also, My eyebrows are naturally fluffy, If I don't take care of them and groom them properly they turn into wild beasts! That's why I usually wax them and then I just fill them in rather than 'create' a new eyebrow shape like makeup gurus tend to do.  Also, I'm not a pro! Hence why they seem a bit wonky but I do try my best when it comes to makeup, etc! 

So there you have it! If you have any questions and/or suggestions, drop them down below, I always try to reply to every single one of your comments. Sending you all lots of love, always!

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