June 4, 2016

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As most of you already know, my April glam bag arrived empty for unknown reasons hence why I couldn't review it on time. Upset by the situation and due to the fact that they hadn't solved my problem I decided to make a post about the issue: [DAMAGED BAG] IPSY: THE DREAMERS APRIL 2016. Shortly after, the substitute glam bag arrived! Well, even though I'm a little late, I'm going to still review it because they're a few products that I actually like!

The products I received were:

★Tarte: LipSurgence™ lip crème in wonder - 1.6 g Value $12
★ TULA: Exfoliating Treatment Mask - $16
★ Luxie Beauty: Dreamcatcher Tapered Highlighter Brush 522 - $32
★Starlooks: Cream Eye Shadow in Rose Gold - $9
★ Skinn Cosmetics: Bright Eyes Eye Enhancing Eyeliner - $18

Total glam bag value: $87 ★ // Woah, what!? Is this even real? That's great for just $10!

This lipstick is super creamy, it's infused with maracuja oil which leaves your lips super moisturized. Tarte always has the nicest 'healthy' products. However, I'm not a fan of this since it's not a saturated red, It's more of a pigmented sheer, if that even makes sense? It doubles as a cheek color but seriously, it's too sticky for my taste and not very lasting!

I actually thought this was a lipstick at first and I totally rocked them rosed gold lips. Seriously! I'm in love with this, I feel it could even be a strange dupe for Kylie Jenners new metallics. It dries matte so, I'm very impressed! I think it's my favorite product out of the bag. This is the first time I'm actually considering buying the full sized product of this! I know, I'm a little strange... but hey, it's a nice eyeshadow too! (What it's supposed to be.)

I really liked this! It burned a lil' at first but I felt that my face was so soft afterwards. Usually you have exfoliators and then you have them face masks, but to have a exfoliating face mask? This was my first and I'm very pleased with the results. It sucks that it's a tiny bit pricey but if I see consistent results I'm definitely purchasing the full bottle.

...and now, the highlight of my bag, The highlighter brush! BADUMTSS. I'm lame, I know.
It's such an expensive brush too! It's really nice and soft. Sadly, I'm not really into making my face glow on a daily basis or at all, so sadly, I don't think I'll be using this much. However it applies blush very nicely! If you're into making it glisten in your face you're going to love this, sadly I'm team oily face so I can't enjoy  glowing as much without looking like a butterball afterwards.

This was something that I actually was meaning to buy, a nude eyeliner. So receiving this on my bag was a huge bonus. So, Kudos Ipsy for reading my mind! I love it. I really do. It does make my eyes look brighter and more 'awake'? and I sure need to look as alive this summer as possible! It's not supper lasting but since I'm using it on my waterline, obviously fading is bound to happen.

Finally, here are the swatches of the Tarte lipstick, the RoseGold eyeshadow and the Nude eyeliner. 

I think that after having so many horrible experiences with this one, Ipsy finally came thought with a bag I actually enjoy the most of things. I hope the upcoming months don't fuck up because this is, in strangely what I originally expected the products to be when I first subscribed to Ipsy.  

If you want to try these monthly Glam Bags and see if you have better luck than me, you can subscribe on Ipsy 
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I hope you're all having a wonderfull summer, love always!
~ RariMoon

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  1. Your pictures look always so pretty and nice! Also, I really love your reviews :3



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