LimeCrime's True Love Set & Teddy Bear Velvetine ✿REVIEW✿

May 1, 2016

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Hello kittens! ♡ ヽ(^◇^*)/
In case any dear followers hasn't noticed by now, I'm a huge LimeCrime fan. Despite all of the nasty rumors that constantly go around, I just really love the quality of their products. I really do!

So, If you're against this company, please refrain from leaving mean comments.
I am aware of all the shadiness behind it but truth be told, these Velvetines compare to no other and that's what I really care about, lasting and smooth feeling lip colors.
I've tried Kat Von D's lipsticks and even though the colors are gorgeous, they just aren't lasting enough. LaSplash's has a nice selection but they are impossible to remove, which is both a good and bad thing. Also, ColourPop's liquid lipsticks are just horrible! If you want to see so for yourself you can check out here: ColourPop X KaePops & ROOCH Ultra Matte Lip + Lippie Pencil. Now, that was a horrible products... so from my experience I just always go back to LimeCrime's Velvetines.

I've previously posted my entire collection, which is obviously outdated by now because I've gotten so many other Velvetines, you can find here: LIMECRIME: MY VELVETINES COLLECTION! & The Velvetines Holiday Trio that you can go and check out over here: LIMECRIME: VENUSII PALETTE & VELVETINES COLLECTION.

I got myself the True Love Set (Saint, True Love, Cupid) & Teddy Bear.

The True Love Set was a limited edition set that came out for valentines that you can still get through their webpage for $44. (A $60 Value) You can now get their colors separately but you're probably going to end up spending more if you do. Cupid's a soft petal pink, True Love's a vibrant pinky red and Saint's a deep cranberry red.

Teddy Bear was inspired by Melanie Martinez, an incredibly talented American singer and songwriter that first made appearances on The Voice: Melanie Martinez Audition Toxic The Voice. She currently released her first official album Crybaby, which made her gain sudden popularity through all social media.

I'm a bit disappointed by how similar Teddy Bear and Saint are. Not because they're not unique pretty colors but because they look so similar on my lips, even though they do look different on the swatches online. Teddy Bear just seems like the lighter version of Saint to me. Actually, to be more specific, it looks like a darker shade of Faded.

My favorite out of the three is Cupid! Yes, I can't believe it myself. Such a simple pink but it just looks so nice for everyday. It's also blue base, or at least I believe it is, since it doesn't make my teeth look yellow.

Overall, I think I could had done without Teddy Bear even though I find it more wearable than Saint on the daily basis. So, please take note of this for any of you that are interested on one or the other. I guess all the publicity with Melanie Martinez over this shade worked, silly me!


 Thank you all for your lovely comments, it always means so much!
Chrome has been preventing me from uploading photos to my blog recently so it has taken me longer to post. Please be patient, I have pretty neat content coming soon that I hope you'll enjoy! ♡ 



  1. I think if you mix teddy bear with saint it would make a nice ombre look

  2. I'm amazed at how good these colors look. Saint was my favorite, but Cupid was a close second.

  3. I've never tried lime crime's velvetines before so I am really looking forward to purchase one in near future. I do agree that cupid is a nice & pretty everyday pink! and it looks so great on you. :-)

  4. Cupid is super cute color! I haven´t tried any of this lipies before but I fall in love with the shades and of course de beautiful packaging

  5. They look like lovely colours and love the cute packaging. Gemma x

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