May 28, 2016

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Hello kittens!Even though I couldn't review April's bag (which you can read why here: Damaged Bag) I still managed to make May's Destination Chic review on time, yes it's still May! Can you believe it? I still can't believe it myself actually!
Sadly, I wasn't quite Impressed with this bag and I'm going to show you all why...

First off, the items I received this month were:

★ Crazy Rumors: HibisKiss Natural Lip Color in Coral – .15 oz $3.49
★ Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics: Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo – $24.95
★ Aurora: Gel Effect Nail Lacquer – $8.99
★ Vera Mona: Eye Smudger Brush – $8.99
★ Smashbox: X-Rated Mascara – .14 oz  $10.30

Total GlamBag value: $56.72 ★ // Which to be honest, it's not that impressive. I think most of the products 'sampled' are really overpriced for the ridiculously small size.

I mean, I remember when I used to complain for not receiving enough brushes on my bags but c'mon! These brushes are a bit... useless? The Vera Mona eye smudger brush isn't even full sized. However, this brand is most known for it's cleaning brush sponges you can find over at Sephora, so at least it's from a decent brand, right? Eh...

Where do I even starts with this one? *inhales* well, it's a lip balm... a fkn lipbalm. Just what I always wanted in my makeup bag! Wooo! NOT. I mean, I understand the bags are randomized but why do we even fill out a quiz with our preferences if we are just going to get whatever the hell they decide to send us. It's just so unfair. Don't you ever find yourself browsing through all the samples and going like, why didn't I get this instead? Well, that's me. All the time. 
The HibisKiss Natural Lip Color in Coral  is actually a really pretty shade and to be honest I do find myself using this for those Sunday beach fun days! BUT I'd rather receive actual lipsticks and none of them glosses or balms.

Now, are you ready for this!? This is the actual size. Yes. I went to their website to find the actual product value and I kid you not, this is the actual product size. I seriously don't find myself ever paying $24.95 for something so small like this even if the products actually good. Goo thing the product's pigmented because the Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo better last on me forever!

This one is hilarious actually. My friend always jokes around that all she ever gets from Ipsy are mascaras and I always joke around that she's cursed... well, guess what? I have been cursed now! Lately all I've been getting are mascaras, I mean, great rigth? but I don't really care for these specially with the fact that I actually wear falsies when I'm heading out and about. I'm really not picky at all when it comes to mascaras... still? When I tried it on it didn't crumple on my lashes. Though I could be horribly lying and maybe it was a lucky try, maybe? Still, it has good reviews on Sephora so maybe someone's actually happy to be receiving this one!

Finally, the salvation of it all, the Aurora Gel Effect Nail Lacquer. Ever since a friend of mine gifted this to me a while ago, I fell in love with the brand. It's almost the same consistency as the Wet and Wild nail polish however I feel this one last a bit longer. It's pink so no complaints with that! However I feel like Ipsy keeps recycling their products somehow...

Overall, the bag gets a 1 out of 5 because nothing really amused me.

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Hope you enjoyed this review & don't forget to drop me a comment down below with your thoughts and love!
Sending all of you endlless hugs! 
~ RariMoon ♡  

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  1. I love the nail polish color~! Shame the products weren't that great :(



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