May 28, 2016

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Hello kittens! (︶︹︺)
Today I bear with some really sad and frustrating news.
As some of you that have already messaged me asking 'when am I'm going to post April's glambag review' know,  I won't. Simply because I actually don't have a bag to review.

After receiving a damaged packaged only to find NOTHING inside. Oh wait, that's a lie. There was actually just a brush and their postcard... The bag was completely missing from the package. I was already upset because everyone knows by know that these Ipsy bags always arrive by the beginning of the next month here in Puerto Rico. Which really sucks.
I already let that one pass, I mean who wants to join those fabulous giveaways, that end exactly when the month ends, on time anyways right? This is me being utterly sarcastic.

Anyways, I message Ipsy care and while I thought everything was sorted out and waited patiently... no. I was mistaken. The bag I recieved was actually May's bag.
No April to be found, anywhere!

I also sent them photos of the ruined package: 

Here's the original message along with their reply:

Yes! This is exactly what and how I received this in the mail!

So yesterday I received my glam bag. Really happy because you know, receiving these sorts of things and makeup makes me happy... but guess what? It wasn't April's glambag. It was May's...
I don't know if they actually sent this one instead of April. Which is what I thinking because these bags NEVER arrive on time but the question remains, where is my April glam bag? It really upsets me because these things cost $10 a month! Did I just totally give away $10? It sure feels like it. I've been messaging Ipsy Care like crazy but apparently no one seems to respond now hence why I decide to make this post.

Ipsy, seriously get your shit together. I've been real patient with you guys, even bared with how long the shipping takes and how late these bags arrive but at this point this is simply unacceptable.

For now, I'm just going to send them a link with this post in hopes that they finally pay attention and I'm going to still be reviewing May's bag in my upcoming post so please stay tuned to that!

As always, thank you all for the love and support. You guys mean everything!
~ RariMoon ♡  

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