Too Faced: Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection ✿REVIEW✿

April 22, 2016

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Hello kittens! ♡ 
I'm so exited to show you my most recent acquisition! Now, let's be honest, have you ever seen such a beauty!? It is the cutest palette I own up to date and I can't believe I ever doubted getting this in the first place (due to all the mixed reviews I watched on Youtube). This was such a hassle to snag since it was sold out everywhere from the moment it was released but let me tell you, it was worth every penny!

So, Too Faced did it again with their new Sweet Peach Palette! It is a very warm-toned palette infused with the yummiest of peach scent. Actually, unlike the previous chocolate bars, this one actually packs a scent, like peach candy! I noticed that after a while with the other Chocolate Bars you actually have to inhale in the palette to take in the cocoa but this one smells from across the room. Which I find this to be extra amazing right off the bat because I just love peach flavored everything. This palette has 18 shades and unlike the previous Chocolate Bars it doesn't have the two larger pans on top and bottom.

Honestly, they are so pigmented! Which took me by surprised since I had previously seen a review on YouTube about how this wasn't pigmented. Actually, the person who was giving out their opinion had darker skin than me so maybe this palette fits best lighter skins? So please take note of this because now that I think of it, most of the people that where giving this palette a bad review weren't light skinned. Which makes sense since most of these colors are so light but I believe that with a good primer you can make any color in this palette pop, so I think skin color shouldn't be a problem when you're deciding whether or not you want to buy this or not. Though, keep it in mind.

One of the best perks about owning this palette, that I think not many might realize or even consider, is that you can use some a few of these shimmers as highlighters! Yes, they are that pigmented. For example, Nectar has been my go to highlight these past couple of days and it looks really fresh on my skin. Just pop a lil' bit of product and you're good to go!

I find this to be a huge plus with this palette because in case you didn't know, my skin's the oily type and living on such a warm humid island doesn't really do nice things to the face. I really don't find the point of spending $60+ on those highlighter sets (Why are they so expensive, like really?) When my face is just going to produce it's own sweaty highlights after a few hours. Sad but true! Anyways, for someone like me, that loves makeup but is not really into the whole highlighting or strobing, the fact that these shades are so versatile for other parts of the face other than the eyelids make this palette really worth the money.

The consistency is a lil' bit powdery but not as much as to having fallout all over your cheeks when you do a smokey eye. Actually, if you're lazy and you decide to apply this with your fingers, there's practically no fallout. I think it's just enough to make everything blend well. Speaking of fingers, I still need to get myself better brushes because the ones I currently own aren't that great, so that' might be the reason for this; but the colors Nectar, Luscious, and Bellini apply so much better with your fingers. I feel that doing this without a brush makes the packing a lot easier.

To conclude, I achieved this look using: White Peach all over the lid, then on the lids I applied Candie Peach & Just Peachie, Luscious on the inner side of my lids, Nectar on the corner of the eyelid, Summer Yum on the crease (Blended for forever!) & Caramelized to blend the crease and the color on the eyelid and everything out.

If you'd like to see another Too Faced palette like the Chocolate Bonbon's Review, click here! This is indeed my favorite one out of all the 'tin bars' collection and currently my everyday go to palette.

[Sweet Peach: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ]


Have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for LimeCrime's True Love Set Review on Sunday!  
Thanks for all the support and positive feedback, It means the world! 
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  1. Sweet peach palette is just heaven like it been about a week since I've got them and I haven't stop smelling them xo

    1. Yes! The palette is next to my bed and whenever I walk past by it, I just have to grab it and smell it! ♡ ♡ ♡

  2. OMG! This really is the cutest palette ever! I am thinking of getting it but it is quite expensive where I live. Huhu...Thanks for the detailed review. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  3. I really love the packaging and all the colors in this palette. Too Faced always comes out with the cutest stuff, oh my goodness! :)

    xx Erika


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