March 4, 2016

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Hello kittens! ♡ It's Friday and as promised here's the second part of the review on my ColourPop order! Do you guys still remember my horrible experience their products and all the complaints I had? If you don't, you can checkout that review HEREHowever, I'm so happy to say I did find a Glimpse of hope with the Where The Lights Is quad by Kathleenlights.

Before I begin, for those of you that didn't read the previous post; Colourpop's a makeup company from LA that all my friends had been raving about for a while. Probably due to how affordable they are? To make this real quick, I ended up splurging on a couple of items that ended up being real disappointments in my opinion, to the point that I wouldn't recommencement these to anyone. Specially the matte lipsticks. horrible.

This set was made by the YouTuber Kathleenlightobviously in collaboration with ColourPop. I'm honestly beginning to think these where made with a completely different formula than the KaePop quad because these are so smooth and pigmented, specially the colors Blaze and Kathleelight.  (Which are my two favorites out of the four) I'm being serious. These run ever so smooth in your finger, applies nicely and like I stated before, they are so bright and pigmented. Which leads me to believe, is this the only quad that's this awesome? Are there any other colors like this? Is this a lucky batch. I honestly do not know what's going on here. I need answers.

To be honest, after receiving the package it took me about a week before I tried these on because I was just so upset with the KaePop one. My intention was to make a quick one-swipe look because I was really late, as usual, for college. Can you believe I ended up using all four?

This is a really nice set to begin with because all four colors go really well together. These colors were out of my comfort zone, believe it or not, because I rarely use, basic colors? I'm always wearing bold and bright one. Even though these are not basic, at all! These look really nice in person and the glimmered ones aren't glitter-filled. Though one wrong swipe will indeed leave your face all glittery.  I also think that Cornelious is such a perfect base color. Obviouly, It wasn't meant for every skin color but if you're on the yellowish side, you're going to find it quite useful. Now, about the blending, They're okay. They do blend with your fingers but that's about it. I still find them a bit difficult to blend with my brushes.

This is the quick look I did with them the other day: 

So, did my feelings on ColourPop change after using these? Honestly, no.
I still think the pod brings too little product. A ridiculous amount of too little. I still haven't found a good brush that'll properly blend these and I still hate think their matte lipstick that feel like chalk. Oh, and the packaging is still crap, horrible quality. Though I did like the design on this one. However, I will say that Where The Light Is is indeed is a good buy. It's Pigmented, feels smooth and blends fairly well in comparison to the other set.

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I hope you enjoyed part two of my ColourPop order, I know I did! 
Have a wonderful weekend kittens. Stay positive! Also, don't forget to enter the Blippo Japan & Kawaii Shop Giveaway it ends in TWO Days please enter HERE 


  1. Replies
    1. This quad is the only one I'd recommend so far!

  2. Your eye makeup looks beautiful~ I've only been hearing amazing things about ColourPop's lip products, but I didn't know they had some great eyeshadows too. Thanks for sharing <3

    1. Thank you! ♡♡♡
      Just be careful with their matte lipsticks, they're really bad.

  3. i've been keping my eye on those shades for a while now, they just look soooo pretty! x

    1. I'm pretty sure you'll rock them out really well! ♡


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