MAYBELLINE: FIT ME! // Matte + Poreless Fit Me Foundation & Translucent Pressed Powder (NUDE BEIGE) ✿REVIEW✿

February 21, 2016


Hello Kittens!  ヽ(^◇^*)/
A dear friend suggested me to try these and after seeing his flawless face a couple of times, I gave in. Thank you, because this has to be the best foundation I've tried so far! ( In case you where curious I tend to only use BB Creams. You can preview a couple of my favorites here. Other than those, I own the Kat Von D Lock it foundation but to be honest, it's a little bit too thick or 'Full Coverage' for everyday use. ) I purchased the combo, both the Foundation and setting powder and I am indeed amazed by it's staying power. I've been using this almost everyday for college and it lasts me up to 8 + hours without retouching, heck! I've even gone to the gym ( I apply Urban Decay's setting spray always, afterwards!) and after all the sweat, my makeup stays intact! Magic. 

This is an extremely affordable drugstore foundation at $6, a steal compared to other pricey high end foundations. It has a large color selection with 16 shades. The Pressed Powder's just the same. I suggest getting both because the end result's amazing.

Pros: I finally found the perfect shade for my skin! (I had a not so pleasant experience at Sephora. I honestly feel like the foundation the employee suggested was a bit too tan for me, even though I warned her about it! I'll review it latter so you guy's can see what I mean.) Anyways! These are great for oily skin and I mean this. Even better than other matte BBCreams I've previously tried. The setting powder really smooths any unevenness in the skin and it doesn't make my face feel sticky thought the day. BTW, Please apply this with a foundation brush! I used to be the type to simply apply the foundation with my hands and nope. Don't. You'll love me forever once you do! ♡

Cons: That fact that the bottle doesn't come with a little pump upsets me. I always end up, taking out more than I need to. Making a mess. It's just horrible. I Feel like I'm going to run out of this bottle soon if I keep that up.

✿ ✿ ✿

See how nicely these products blend!? This is an effortless look I did for college the other day using soft pinks, you can really appreciate how 'natural' the foundation looks here! Which is precisely what I love best about this. No shiny or cakey face here! I really do recommend these to anyone with really oily face. 

✿ ✿ ✿

I hope you all enjoyed this review! If you guys have any suggestion on future posts, let me know ~
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~ RariMoon  


  1. You have amazing skin. (So lucky!). I'm from the UK and only just discovered your blog. I love it already. X

    ♥ Carly's Beauty Blog ♥

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet complement! ♡♡♡♡♡

  2. Loving this foundation on you, but honestly, your skin always looks totally flawless anyway! :) <3


    1. Aw, you're so sweet, thank you! Thank you! ♡


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