ColourPop X KaePops & ROOCH Ultra Matte Lip + Lippie Pencil ✿First Impression + REVIEW✿

February 28, 2016

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Hello, kittens! ♡ 
Colourpop's a makeup company from LA that all my friends have been raving about for a while. I was often tagged under their beautiful eyeshadow and lipstick swatches over at Instagram making my curiosity grow more and more. To be quite honest, I wasn't sure what all the fuzz was about, maybe it was the fact that their products are ridiculously affordable? Regardless, I decided to give in and splurge on a couple of things from their site. Biggest disappointment ever. 

I ordered: KaePop ($20.00 USD), Where The Light Is ( $20.00 USD), Rooch Pencil ($5.00 USD) and
Rooch ($6.00 USD). 

Before  I begin,  I decided to divide this review into two posts because I actually really enjoyed Where the light is (I'll post that half next week!) and I actually want to make a decent review with that quad but the Kaepop, which I will cover today, was an utter disappointment. I was so upset over the quality of the packaging, the lack of pigmentation, the amount of product that you actually receive. I even had a really hard time deciding on where to even begin with this review... 

My first impression upon opening the box was that it felt like they made the box using an inkjet printer. Even though, I obviously know they didn't since those metallic accents can't be made with one but what I'm trying to say is that the box looks cheap. Minutes after opening the quad I notice the border had, chipped? Do you see those white scratches in the photo? Yup, that's quality. I mean, I guess If you don't care about packaging you're not going to mind that but I really like to keep all my makeup neatly stored and this was really not what I was expecting. Instagram, stop lying to me and making products look way better than what they really are!

Now before I begin, the colors shown above are Sunser blv (pearlized), Beverly(matte), Crenshaw(matte) and Wilshire(matte).

First, I was under the impression that these little pods where much deeper than this, seriously? What a steal. Suddenly I understood why every pod's only $5 and even so, I don't think I'd ever pay so much for this little product! The funny part about all of this was that I actually found out about this by accident. I was trying to get the eyeshadow on my finger (Which is what they suggest on their website) and I was going at it ever so vigorously since the pigmentation wasn't grabbing onto my lid when I accidentally took out a little clump of product out the pod to find out the bottom. Which isn't that bottom after all. At this point, I don't understand why they make their pods so big if they barely contain anything? Aesthetic? Sounds like Ripoff to me. 

Second, the pigmentation. I understand that this is a pretty neutral collection but c'mon try a little harder. Even the neutral colors from the Chocolate Bonbon's palette from Two Faced's much more pigmented than this! Also, I was so heartbroken with Beverly. I thought I'd be deepest matte burgundy ever but no. The thing has bits of, glitter? Shiny particles? inside. Can someone please explain to me how can something be matte yet contain glitter in it? I swear I was about to cry.

Third, they simply don't blend. I tried with everything. Eco-friendly Brushes. Synthetic brushes. Regular brushes. My fuck*ng finger and they just wouldn't bulge. Which led me to believe that unless you're going for a stand alone colored look with these, they're practically useless. Because even if you pack them on top of each other, the corner side of your eye just won't look good or smokey, ever. Final verdict, none of the colors from these quad simply don't blend.

However, they are lasting. I couldn't remove them from my eyelids not even with coconut out. So, I guess they got one point for durability. It was so frustrating.  Oh, and I haven't even gotten to the lipstick.
That was another nightmare...

This lipstick is horrible. I don't like it. It feels like chalk on your lips. Worse. It's ridiculously drying. I had never felt such a horrible thing like this. EVER & that's a lot to say because I adore almost every liquid lipsticks out there. I would never even think about recommending this to anyone! Yeah, the color is sort of neat? But I much rather waste $16+ on Wicked from LimeCrime (You can check some of the swatches here.) than ever purchasing $6 & $5 on both these things. Also, They're supposed to be the same color but they are clearly not. I don't know if you can tell but the lip pencil has a slight purple tint vs the lipstick that actually dries brown. Oh, and removing this was chaos, stained my entire face red. I look like a very sad and disappointed vampire. The lip pencil was okay, I guess. Then again, how can you fuck up a lip pencil? nevermind...

So, why do people keep buying these if they feel so horrible? I don't know.

However, there's a glimpse of hope. Where the light was much more pigmented than these crappy quads and they blended much better! I'm suspecting these might be made with a different formula because the difference is quite drastic! Stay tuned for Friday's post with the second half of this order.   

I'm sorry if any of you really enjoys Colourpop's makeup line. This was just my tragic first impression and most honest opinion. I don't mean to offend anyone in any way. I promise!

If you have any other thoughts, by all means, please share! I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on this brand. 

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Have a productive week up ahead! ♡ 



  1. Thanks for this review O: I was actually eyeing colourpop like you, and where the light is was also on my list. But I'm really surprised by the amount of product you will get for the price :O I think the maybelline eyeshadow pots are also around $5 and you get way more product.

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. It's really really baaaaad, and I'm trying so hard not to be mean. : <

  2. Great review~! I've been curious about colorpop, but I haven't bought anything yet <33

    1. Just make sure to read all of the reviews, some are really pigmented and some are just fkn bad...

  3. Replies
    1. But it doesn't transfer well on the skin... : <

  4. A friend of mine also had some bad experience with them but with the shipping that her products never arrived.

  5. Thank you for your honest review! I was thinking about getting something from Colourpop, but now I think I will stick with other brands.
    Christina ♥

    1. You can check out, Kat Von D's and Limecrimes matte lipsticks, they are really nice on the lip! ♡

  6. Might have to skip on this brand then after reading your review! Thanks for the heads up! X

    ♥ Carly's Beauty Blog ♥


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