October 11, 2015

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Hello kitties, I hope you're all having a wonderful time!
I know I've been postponing this but today I'm going to finally review the Too Faced: Cocoa Contour !♡ This was one of the lovely anniversary gifts I got from my boyfriend a couple of months ago. That's why this review's wont be a first impression but thorough one based on my personal experience these past months. I really love this kit, hence why the kit looks all messy on the photos (I did clean it a bit for the sake of aesthetics)!

If you are a beginner when It comes to contouring, I really do recommend this. Why? Because it's an universal kit which means it's supposedly made to fit every skin color, at least the warm lighter tones. I strongly believe it's not for the darker shades of skin but again, I'm not so sure about this. Make sure to swatch it on your skin before you purchase it to see how it blends on you.
Personally, my skin color's a light to medium with yellow undertones, since I go to the beach quite often; this kit has worked wonders since I don't have to be constantly changing colors like I do with my foundation.

It has a wonderful chocolate smell that hasn't faded out during these months of used, which makes me really happy! Also, I really liked that the colors are very pigmented so I don't have to be half an hour contouring like crazy.

The Kabuki brush is pretty much useless to me, even though it's so soft and pretty. I just use it for the sake of blending since it's the only brush that doesn't end up dirty with product. It's too big for contouring your nose, or highlighting. So make sure you have your own set of brushes that work best for you. 

The kit comes with a how-to contour guide with three sampled looks. Which are really useful if you don't know very well the steps to take to contour. However you don't have to follow each and every step exactly.

★My favorite shade is Dark Cocoa, I feel it best accentuates my features since I find Medium Cocoa a bit too light on me. I still use it, but it's usually a mix of these two. I really don't pay attention to the color on the guides.
★My least favorite is Pop of Light, yes it's translucent but the glitter really throws me off. I'm constantly melting in this heat-filled island and the least thing I want is to be melting glitter. I do use it for nightly hangouts and such but on a daily basis I just stick to Light Cocoa.

I honestly feel that after using this kit you'll be able to experiment on your own. What I mean with this is that, you won't be shy trying on baked bronzers or highlighters. Maybe even experimenting with other shades that might work better for you! However, If you don't want to think too much about highlighters/bronzers and just have an all in one kit, this is definitely for you !

Finally, here's what all the colors look like on me (I'm only wearing a BBCream on my skin) :
Do you already own this kit or are you planning on purchasing? What are your thoughts? Don't forget to share and comment below!  Much Love ~ 

[Ohdearmilk's rating:  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ♡ ]


  1. que hermoso te quedó tu contorno! se ve tan natural *o*!!!! adoro como te ves y se nota que el maquillaje tiene mucha calidad :)! Saludos hermosa

    Dream in Colors

    1. ¡Gracias preciosa! ♡ ♡ ♡
      y sí, me duro el makeup todito el día.

  2. This looks so great on you! :) I love the packaging, sooo pretty <3



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