Sugarpill's Burning Heart Palette ✿Review/Tutorial✿

October 4, 2015

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This palette has been in my possession for around two years now (has it already been that long?!) and It wasn't until recent a really supportive friend suggested that I should review and maybe do a lil' "makeup tutorial"... Well let's see how that last part goes because I am no makeup connoisseur, I just really enjoy makeup!

To start off, Sugarpill is a cruelty-free line of vibrant, richly pigmented cosmetics based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded by the most colorful woman ever, Amy (Shrinkle).
I originally stumbled upon her Instagram and completely fell in love with the packaging, which was a lovely looking magical girl with pink hair and her kitten! (Shown bellow) Not to mention one of her pallets (Burning Heart) had the most gorgeous red I had ever seen!  

Maybe it was that, thank god it's over, scene phase influencing here. Were all I'd wear on my face was black liner & red/blue/black eye-shadow.  Which btw, I had to use red lipstick for red eye shadow was impossible to find. Specially here in Puerto Rico. Did it even exist? Anyways!
I found that perfect red and more in this product.

The burning Heart Pallete brings 4 colors: Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love +, Poison Plum. Additionally I purchased: Dollipop & Acidberry.

♡ Buttercupcake needs massive recognition, being my number one color from this palette. I have purchased many yellow eye shadows in this lifetime and none of them compare to the high pigmentation of this eye shadow. You don't have to re-apply. One dab and it's this bright! ^

Honestly, they are all amazing bright matte colors.
I really suggest using an eye primer because it will do wonders. 


(Since I'm still terribly shy at the possibility of making YouTube videos, here's a little step by step guide at what I did to achieve this look. It's my very first attempt so any constructive criticism is welcomed!)
 Disclaimer: I'm not a certified makeup artist, some steps may be done incorrectly but this is how I personally did this look.  


1. Prep and prime! I added medium brown eyeshadow at the crease (Not from Sugarpill; you can use any brand) so that the colors would blend better when I start applying them later on.
2. Add Buttercupcake at the inert-corner of your eye. Next to it add Flamepoint. Carefully blend them in together but It doesn't have to be perfect yet so don't worry. 
3. Add Poison Plum at the furthest corner of your eye. This part may be tricky because this purple is definetly the darkest shade of the too but don't be shy. With your brush blend all three colors carefully together. (See how important it was to use that brown at the beginning?! It's helping things blend a lot smoother.)
4. Use Love + as a blending color for the corner, use a little bit. Be a little careful with this part for you might make your corner look too red. 
5. Blend, blend, blend! 
6. Finally, add eyeliner & mascara and you are done! 

That's everything! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that it was helpful in some way. I really did take a little more time than usual making it. Love you all, until next Sunday ~ 

[Ohdearmilk's rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ]


  1. I think that's great result, nice combination of color ~ ◕ ω ◕

    Ryu の Sekai

  2. These shadows are so bright and colorful! I dont think I can ever wear them outside for me haha! I just found your blog, and I really like your header *O* Did you draw that yourself? :)
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. I wish!!! but now, that was mde by a very talente friend of mine:


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