Limecrime: My Velvetines Collection! ✿REVIEW✿

October 25, 2015

✿ ✿ ✿
Hello kittens, I hope you've all had a wonderful week. 
Today I'm going to talk a little bit about my favorite matte liquid lipsticks & show you my entire collection (Excluding the Unicorn Lipsticks)!  

LimeCrime is a cruelty-free brand of cosmetics run by founder and CEO Doe Deere.

Originally I was attracted to the variety of different colors they had to offer. Three years ago I was still a newbie when it came on to trying different colored lipsticks, red was the boldest color. I'd never seen such lollipop-like colors and decided to purchase a few of her Unicorn Lipsticks, I adored them. Shortly after she launched the Velvetines and that's when I decided to try them out. Little did I know I'd end up purchasing almost all of them!

They are touch-proof, transfer-proof . Kiss-proof. Food-proof. I have purchased other matte liquid lipsticks from many other brands because I really dislike wearing any other kind of lipstick now & to be honest, these are the most lasting. You can only remove the product with makeup-wipes and/or coconut oil. Which is a great thing if you accidentally leave your lipstick at home!

The applicator's really neat too! I'm so happy they changed it back to the original one, or at least a similar one to the original one?  By the time they released Wicked, Salem, etc...  they had changed it to a more convenient one but it was just too lumpy for me. I really disliked it. A few weeks ago when I received Squash I noticed, the applicator was a different one, I was so happy! Application now's super easy.

From top left to right; Red Velvert, Pink Velvet, Suedeberry. Wicked, Salem, Cashmere. Faded, Bleached, Squash.

The Velvetines smell so good. Vanilla-like. They apply so smooth. I feel like their formula keeps getting better with time. If you are new to liquid lipsticks make sure to have a few makeup wipes around in case you make a mess. 
✿  ✿  ✿

Cons: They are so pricey! They used to be $16 but now they're around $20. That's excluding shipping charges! For only 0.088 fl oz / 2.6ml. That's a bit ridiculous because not even MAC lipsticks are that expensive. So make sure you really want whichever shade you chose. I don't think LimeCrime will ever lower their prices which sucks, but If they do, I'd sure buy more Velvetines!

Pros: They are so lasting, at least! & I don't mean in the wearing sense; I purchased Red Velvet 3 years ago and it wasn't until recently I reached the end of the tube. This is relative to each person depending on how much product you use but in my personal use, they last. Which they better, considering the price! A little product goes a long way.

My Least favorites: Cashmere is the color I least use and it's a little bit sad because it's the color I was the most exited about. I think it has to do with my skin color? It looks great on photos! I just can't wear it out with anything? Also, it's so similar to Faded. I feel like they took the Cashmere formula and added a little drop of purple. Faded however is one of my favorites! Funny right?

My Favorite:
Hahaha, this is a real hard one. I'd say, Faded & Bleached since I wear them almost everyday. Also, the original Velvetines, Suedeberry & Red Velvet, are also my favorites. I need to restock them soon because they're running out!

✿ ✿ ✿

PS: I received this little lipstick on the Sephora Favorites: Give me some lip and it has really saved my life. I really recommend it for anyone and everyone that wears liquid matte lipsticks on a daily basis. You can also wear this before applying the Velvetine if you do have really dry lips.

So there you have it! I'm currently considering if I should get Pumpkin because it looks like such a cute reddish shade of orange. Which is one of my favorite shades but I'm still unsure, Should I? Do you own any of these Velvetines? Which are your favorites?  Don't forget to comment bellow!
Love you all ~ RariMoon.

[LimeCrime Velvetines: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ♡]


  1. Never heard of this brand before, but wow, the shades look absolutely stunning! I'm particularly loving Red Velvet and Bleached, they both look really good on you. :) Thank you for sharing this lovely review, dear. <3


    1. Thank you Kay! ♡ You're always so sweet.
      You should really try the Red Velvet one day, It was the one that made me fall in love and you'll feel like a real Pin Up gal.
      I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. your art is stunning !

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    kiss from Germany

    1. Thank you! All the photos unless stated otherwise are by me but the art perse of the banner and Icon was made by a very talented friend of mine: Munrou

  3. I've always wanted to try the velvetines but found they were a bit too pricey for me! But Limecrime is known for its great pigmentation so i may just need to splurge!

    Have a lovely day, Rebecca x

    1. I have tried dupes, which are waaaaay more affordable but to be honest, my lips are a bit thick and whenever I'd eat the inner part would just wear off and look horrible... Hence why I'm so picky with dupes or other liquid lipsticks.
      I can legit eat with these, so I think you should try them! At least one? ♡
      Take care ~

  4. It's so cool to have many lipstick colors like this :D <3
    You can do really nice make-up with them >w<

  5. All of the colors are honestly so pretty *u* I can't pick a favorite! Thank you for sharing <3
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

    1. Aw, thank you so much! and the colors I've yet to own, I must resist myself!!!

  6. All the colors are super pretty
    But my favorite was Faded

  7. Red Velvet is beautiful~! I've never tried anything from Limecrime before <33

  8. Replies
    1. Yeah, and I make sure I wear them often ! I'd be horrible if I'd never did, right? D;

  9. Nati!!! I caved!!!

    This review super rocked... Thank you for your insights! Now I've got colors to last me all year.

    I had an extra long client session today, so I treated myself to Styletto, Faded, Squash, Red Velvet, and Black Velvet.


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