September 20, 2015

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Hello kitties! It took me some time to publish this recent purchase because it was on an unexpected whim and I really wanted to give these lipsticks some justice. Since I tend to mostly wear only dark, matte colors, this 'get' was really out of my element; I wore each and every shade more than once before finally committing to writing this review.

Originally I was out to buy Kat Von D's Everlasting's lipstick in "Lolita" but sadly, it was all sold out. (Guys, I really only wanted this lipstick!) & an employee told me they wouldn't restock this shade any time soon. So you can all probably guess my frustration. At this point I remembered a friend had told me about this set but to be honest, I really didn't want to get it because none of the colors appealed to me. My boyfriend pushed me to not be so silly and to try it out & as you can see, I gave in. Only for the sake of owning "Lolita". At this point I'd figured, This set costs $25 USD, which is five dollars more than the Kat Von D lipstick & I get to have the one I came looking for and five others, so why not? It was really worth it because I'm using three of these constantly for college.
Secretly I would had preferred these shades to be much more darker, but hey I got my Lolita

This set comes with five different lipsticks samplers and one full-sized product. Also, it has different shades of color, from coral to reds. Let's see them individually:
Disclaimer: These are my personal impressions on these products. Remember, each person is unique with different tastes and what I might find unappealing someone might actually adore.

Sephora Collection: Rouge Infusions The Neutrals in 19 - Peony

This is my current go to color. The color is much richer in person! The application is smooth and lasting which is what I mostly look for on a lipstick aside from the color, of course. It has somewhat of a tint that even if you go out to drink coffee or lunch, your lips aren't left completely bare. Yes, you have to retouch, often, or depending on how much you eat/drink, etc, but it's not as annoying as other lipsticks I've encountered. 

Tarte: Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Coral Blossom

This was the full-sized product the set introduced. I don't wear this one as often but it's a great lipstick! It's just that I really don't tend to wear light colors like this. I was really trying with this one. It's minty and creamy and feels just about right. I had to retouch it so many endless times because I felt like the color faded on me so quick, (which frustrated me) or maybe it was just me being to paranoid. It is a really nice coral color, which looks much lighter on photos, that you can wear whenever you want a natural or even princess-like look. Tarte has really great products with moisturizing properties and you can tell with the first application! I just wish this one was one or two shades darker BUT if you mix it with a darker red it works for a really nice ombre look for your lips. 

Fresh: Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment

I was so sad this one was so small because this one was one of my favorites. Lip treatments should be your best friend, specially if you have chapped, dry lips, or even if you wear too much lipstick and need a breather. I've been a fan of Fresh ever since Sephora opened and owned a lip-scrub of theirs which would leave my lips feeling amazing. I wore this a couple of times and wow, my lips feel really soft with no signs of dead skin anywhere. Which are really embarrassing when you wear matte liquid lipsticks! I really want to get a darker shade now. 

Marc Jacobs Beauty: Le Marc Lip Céme Je'taime

This is such a pretty shade of red, and guess what? It's blue based so your teeth don't look ridiculously yellow when you wear it! I feel like there are more affordable alternatives of this shade If you ever want to purchase this one by itself. However, I do wear this one often because I find it such a comfortable rouge. Not too bright and light. It's lasting, meaning you can have coffee without a problem but you definitely need to retouch after lunch.

Make Up For Ever: Artist Plexi-Gloss

This one makes me feel like Britney Spears whenever I wear it! Plexi-Gloss gives lips as a vinyl-shine finish which is so cool when doing your doing those melting/dolly lip looks. I also love the fact that it's light enough to put over darker color which is what I'm going to really use this one for since it's too pink and light for me. I do think it's a great gloss that actually lasts unlike other that I've encountered that are just a mess. 

Kat Von D: Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

Lastly, the reasons I got this set! Lolita. If you are new to wearing liquid matte lipsticks, you will adore this one. I think it suits any skin color and it's so smooth. However, I am slightly disappointed. It's not as lasting as I expected. Since I do already own many other liquid matte lipsticks from other brand, my expectations were set pretty high.The inner part of my lips faded quickly right after eating and drinking, which looks so horrible right away since it's a dark color. Unless you have naturally dark lips, then it wont be noticeable but my lips are light colored so people will notice. I really wish the formula was stronger. If you make a quick run to the bathroom and retouch, it's wont be horrible, so I advise you to be very selective of when/where you wear this one. Still, It's my favorite out of the entire set and I will wear it regardless the many times I'll have to retouch it.

[ Finally, overall I give the 
Give me some Lip: ❤ ❤ ❤ ♡ ♡]

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  1. These shades look great. I've got a few, but it's hard when the one you want is out of stock. It happened to me with a nude color I was looking for.



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