BHCosmetics: Galaxy Chic - Baked eyeshadow palette ✿ REVIEW ✿

September 14, 2015

This palette is amazing! It wasn't until recently that I became friends with baked eye-shadows. What does baked mean, you wonder? It's just a method of processing where the sun heats the product. This results in a very versatile palette:  A wet application will create a intense color/look & a dry application will create a more softer one. Hence why you have to wet the brush if you really want these colors to pop!

Personally, I  don't like using this palette completely alone since I tend to mix these with mate ones for the crease and such. I did however restrict myself on only using the GalaxyChic Palette on the makeup photo below!

Also, I really liked the fact that you can use the lighter colors like Meteor & Uranus as highlighters or even the warm ones for blush! Which makes things easier when traveling. (You don't have to bring all the extra stuff) That is, If you like these tones as highlighters and blush for you. Which I really did think so for myself.

One last thing! This palette has a little plastic cover attached on top of the shadows so the mirror won't get stained constantly. Making this a little detail I loved! No more dirty mirrors.
Finally, a built in mirror that's actually usable. right? ♡

The warm colors in this palette are my absolute favorite, making Aphrodite & Mars on my top 5! Venus is my top 1. You can tell from the mess around that color in the palette.  
I did however decide to get out of my comfort zone a couple of days ago when I created the Mercury Look you can see ♡ Here ♡ (Also using only but the Galaxy Palette eye shadows. ) where I played around with the cooler ones. Eclipse is my favorite out of those tones but Neptune makes a real close call. 

I didn't use the wet technique with this look, However if you want something more more vibrant than this you know what to do! 

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  1. Why have I never noticed your blog before<3

    1. I don't know but now you do, so it's all good! ♡


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