Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer ✿First impression/review✿

September 27, 2015

Hello lovelies ~ Who else is exited for the Happy Home Designer US release!? ♡ ♡ ♡ I'm going to make this post quick so I can get back to playing because let me tell you, decorating houses can get really addictive! 

At first, I was a little bit upset that this wasn't an actual new Animal Crossing game (No fishing, bug collecting, etc.) & I thought decorating houses would get rather boring after a while but guess what, It hasn't! I gave in yesterday & got this game with 2 amiibo card pack. The sad part of it all was unless you own the *New* Nintendo 3DS (Which btw, doesn't come with the charger, wtf?!), I see what you did there Nintendo, they're useless. So! For anyone with a 2DS, 3DS or 3DSXL you will have to purchase a Nintendo NFC Reader/Writer Accessory otherwise you won't be able to play with any of the characters from the card packs. There is a bundle which includes the game and the accessory but you can only get it online for it hasn't been released in stores, yet. (At least not in PR). Real bummer BUT remember these cards aren't necessary at all. They are just an added bonus so you won't have to be waiting forever for your favorite villager to arrive.

These cards, as useless as they may be to some, are going to be a really addicting to own. They remind me of PKMN cards, everyone trying to collect them all. Isabelle is already going for $25 on ebay. So I can't possibly imagine what's going to happen a few weeks/months from now. Also, There's going to be a second series! Thank god, they are only $6.00

They bring 6 cards and one holographic one that's going to be a NPC from the previous game. I'm guessing people are going to sell/trade the ones they don't like but I'm going to try and see if I can collect them all.

(I really do wish Nintendo would better the quality of screenshots on their systems.)

So far I've played for 8 hours and my biggest concern was getting bored, which I  haven't. Which makes me happy. (Aside from my personal frustration with lack of interesting hairstyles for the character.) Let's see what happens as the story progresses!
Who else got this game?! What are your thoughts on the game so far?
Don't be shy, comment below! 

[Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ♡]


  1. I'm on the fence about this one. New Leaf was fun, but I never really got to beautify my town. It was my first time playing the series and I didn't really get it. If you know of any tutorial sites for ACNL, link me.

    1. This was the only guide I ever used: think it has everything, minus cute photos to show and it's organized! ♡
      aaaaand, I don't know, It's a Spin-off after all, so It seriously might get boring for you if you're not into *just* decorating houses. If you have the extra $, I'd say do it! Because it's really fun, but If you don't... don't rush it. It's not THAT big of a deal. ^^'

  2. owh, cute game, great review... I love playing virtual pet, decorating home.. something cute.
    Game like "Pet Party" or in facebook called "Party Town" ≧з≦

    Ryu の Sekai


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