Palty Hair Color Brush Kit - Bitter Cappuccino ✿ REVIEW ✿

August 8, 2015

I've been putting off this review ever since forever, you can tell because my hair color looks nothing like this now! Even so, I really felt the need to post this because I haven't found, if any, good review on this Palty hair color. The color purchased was the Bitter Cappuccino

What you will need: (Not much Actually!)
✿ Bleach & Peroxide (I used Vol. 40 because my hair is pretty strong but feel free to use which ever you feel the most comfortable with. Vol. 20 or 30 should do just fine) PS: Only if you decide to bleach your hair before applying the kit. 

✿ Palty Hair color Brush Kit

I decided to bleach my hair before doing this because I had a bad experience with a previous Palty hair product a really long time ago, basically my hair didn't dye at all. Only my roots. Ended up dyeing my hair brown all over after that to hide the horrendous mistake.
Also, I read a couple of reviews after that explaining how it was best to bleach your hair prior to applying the Palty hair dye.

Everything's easy to understand regardless of the foreign instructions. Tube 1 goes inside tube 2. Shake well and apply with the comb.

This is what my hair looked like before doing anything to it. My hair is naturally brown but because Like I previously wrote, I've seen some crazy reviews about this hair product. I decided to bleach it so It would actually look like the actual color in the box.

On the left, you can see my hair after the bleaching was done. I only left it for about 20 minutes. You don't need to go for a really light blonde when you do this. Just a few shades lighter if your hair is truly really dark.  Again, you can skip this step but I just wanted to really be on the safe side!

My thoughts on this? Well, I love the fact that it's foam based so I didn't miss a spot like I tend to do. Yet I feel this is SO overpriced. I got it on ebay for about $14 when you can get this exact color on Sally's for about $4. Yes, the packaging is adorable and Asian-looking but it really isn't worth it. 
The thing is, Asians go for a more ashy tone when dying their hair brown versus Americans, that tend to go for the more golden blonde tones. Because I wasn't aware of this until that day I really liked how it turned out since it seemed like such a "strange" shade of brown but the fact that I can get an Ash Brown color for way cheaper really upsets me.

I won't buy this again but if you must try it out, the last picture is how the color turned out. It really is a nice brown color! 

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