GEO: Big Grang Grang Choco Lens ✿REVIEW✿

August 2, 2015

These are the replacement lenses I got from Loveshoppingholics  since I didn't receive the correct ones on my original order. (You can see the review I did for the other ones, Choco Brown, HERE.) I guess it was an honest mistake but I'm more than happy now that they're finally here!

At first I was a little bummed out because the first ones took a month or so, maybe two, to arrived so I was expecting the same with these however they arrived within three weeks!

What I love about these is that I can order them with a prescription. ( -2.50 L & -3.50 R ) & that's a huge plus for me because I previously owned the Ruby Red lenses but I could only wear them for photos. Since I find it weird wearing glasses over contact lenses. 

They do make your eyes look bigger but ironically, they don't make your eyes seem too unnatural when you wear them out/in person. Unless you've never own a pair of circle lenses, then it might be a bit weird in general wearing contacts bigger than your iris.

These blend perfectly well with brown eyes. 

✿ Pattern: The Choco ones have a natural pattern that blends so well with dark eyes. If it weren't for their enlargement you'dbe able to pull off a "natural" doe eye and no one would notice the lenses.
✿ Enlargement: 15mm; Subtle yet noticeable.
✿ Comfort: These are really comfortable and you can wear them out all day/night. Always bring eye drops just in case you're going anywhere windy or really cold (they might dry out a little) .

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