Etude House: Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails #07 - Peach Crush [REVIEW]

March 16, 2015

#07 Peach Crush

I've been eyeing these nail polishes ever since Etude House released them but I'd postponed the purchase thinking I could make gradient nails myself with other cheap nail polishes and gradient nail tutorials... but guess what ? I failed miserably. Unable to get certain colors right, made a mess, always. Months after, (& after noticing they had lowered their price on ebay) I gave in.

 These are really small though. I thought they'd be bigger, they seemed bigger in photos anyways.  So, I do think they're still a bit expensive for the amount of product it brings. However, it compensates with the fact that one coat is thick enough so you don't have to reapply. Regardless, I can't get over how TINY they are. Seriously, tho.
 The shades are adorable, they blend really well with each other. Then again, I'd be pissed if they didn't! I still made a mess when I was painting my nails and couldn't get the gradient to feel gradientish, since the dried up polish made a little bump where the different color of nail polish began (Those of you that have already tried this polish will certainly understand what I'm trying to explain here) but I managed to flat it out with the clear top coat.

     At last, this is the end result. Not bad for it to be my first attempt! Now, I do love the color & it does look like a gradient but I wouldn't repurchase this one. Maybe in  the future, a different color? The #09 - Kahlua Milk seems really pretty. My advice if you really want these nail polishes; look through different sellers first & find the cheapest.  

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  1. Your nails look great! I need to fix my nails too HAHA
    Thanks for sharing :3
    with love, Kathleen


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