DecalGirl : 2DS SKIN ♥ [REVIEW]

March 21, 2015

 Words cannot describe how deeply in love I am with my 2DS's new skin! Fit for a lovely princess. 
♥ At first, I was a bit against purchasing one since I'm not too fond of skins. Most are expensive, too shiny, they stick off and usually come in horrible patterns but I decided to take my chances.

Not too long ago my handsome surprised me with this new mint 2ds. At the moment I was having horrid Animal Crossing withdraws since my Pink XL DS decided to suddenly stop working, refusing to read the SD card. I was so overwhelmed with happiness upon receiving this gift, investing so many long hours on this new device. Sadly, the inevitable happened. The white part started to stain... I looked through all of google & youtube trying to find out ways to clean it. I even used bleach at one point... but the stains wouldn't go away.

Desperately looking for a way to cover the horrible yellow stains, I stumbled upon this site: where you can make and order custom skins. Skeptical, I really just wanted was one of those cute silicone cat covers that sadly don't come for 2ds, decided to make the order. Not regretting this decision one bit. It took about a week to arrived, which in my opinion was quite fast & now my 2ds looks just wonderful!

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  1. Wow! It's lovely.

    I hope to see it on Instagram. Would like to show it off on my blog!

  2. wow is so pretty. I going to check it out to add some girl touch on my sister ads (blue/black) also my sister and I loves Animal Crossing too!

  3. I want the same. Where do i get one, if there is for 3ds xl?

  4. I want that exact design how did U make that one?


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