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January 5, 2015

A huge slap in the face; that pretty much sums up 2014. Bittersweet & warm like vodka. With hangovers to last a lifetime.

Rekindled old friendships.
Revived that sporadic night life, a bit.
Had the most eye-opening business trip to Chicago. 
Seized an abusive relationship / friendship with toxic humans. 
Enrolled college once again, only a few more semesters to finish my bachelors in Graphic Design. 
Took many road trips / wonderful beach days  'round my little island. 
Had a really rough time finding myself after forgetting what happiness felt like.
Tortuously slowly became more accepting of my mother's death. 
& lastly, a handsome patient prince fell in love with me. 

Goodbye 2014, you made me grow, even through the storm. 
May 2015 prove to be an even better journey! 

12 - 31 - 2014 ~ Orlando, Florida. 
@ Aubrey's apartment.  

Fun night, 
I'm just so profoundly happy that Aubrey has been such a wonderful friend ever since high school.
I love you!

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