REVLON: Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain & Colorburst Matte Balm [REVIEW] ♥

November 30, 2014

I own countless of lipsticks & glosses that could last me a lifetime however, it's never enough! The search for that one perfect shade that will go with absolutely everything is never ending, at least I dream of one day finding that holy grail of a color. However, through the years (& depending on whatever hair color, of-course!) I've shifted from warm oranges to dark reds, from many different brands, both affordable and not...

Revlon's lip balm have become my comfortable go-to colors whenever I'm not wearing LimeCrime for a night out . Their shades are perfect and most of my favorites are matte.

Here are my Six favorites: (In no particular order) ・゜・。

[ Nude Lips ]

 (055) Adore Adorée :
Careful, I bought this one by mistake thinking I'd be a much darker shade of, purple? It's far from it. The lipbalm is purpleish on the outside & when you open the cap the insides are dark as well. However it's a golden color!  It's shimmery and stains into a nice golden nude color, if that even makes sense. Why is it one of my favorites? I can wear it during the day and not feel like I have excessive makeup going on my lips.

(005) Crush Beguin :
This one is my second favorite and the first lip balm I ever got from Revlon. It's a deep purple but you can darken or lighten depending on the amount of product you use. I feel comfortable wearing it everyday. In fact, I did until I got Sultry Sulfureuse or whenever I misplaced the other. Also, since it's a stain when it wears off your lips it leaves a dark cherry stain and shimmer.

(225) Sultry Sulfureuse :
 My favorite! ♥ I wear this one e v e r y d a y. This is the closest (Aside from Macs Velvet Teddy) to an everyday cute & pouty lips. This one is a bit rosey, in contrast to those brown nudes, though I find it more natural to my skin tone. I never use lipliners but I'm pretty sure this one would look even more amazing if you did. The Photo doesn't do it justice since the color looks much nicer up-close and in person. I can wear this one wherever, even to the gym! since it's matte.

(240) Striking Spectaculaire:
This is the prettiest red I've ever seen, it's matte and that makes such a HUGE difference. Trust me, Shiny red lips aren't my thing. I first saw this color on a friend of mine and I couldn't help myself. Since it's a warm color your teeth might look a bit yellow but that's why I love Standout Remarquable. I preffer wearing this one during the day however it doesn't really matter.

(250) Standout Remarquable :
It' a deep dark red with a cold undertone that prevents yellow teeth! Matte. My go-to lipstick whenever I misplace LC: Red Velvet or when I just don't want to go through the trouble of retouching my lipstick all through the night. It stains realy nicely. Can never decide between these two reds, my outfit tends to give the lasting verdict, however I do tend to pick this one more if it's nightime.

(215) Shameless Desinvolte :
I LOVE how deep a purple this one is. It's a bit glossy, not shimmery. Matte? But then again I used too much product so I'd be a deeper purple. This one is the newest acquisition and I already wear it shamelessly, haha. You see what I did there? *cough* Nevermind.

These are all my Favorites, which ones are yours? ♥


  1. Sultry Sulfureuse looks so nice on you! I literally just bought Velvet Teddy today and I think that the next time I stop by the drug store I'm going to purchase Sultry Sulfureuse. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the product :) It really helps readers like myself.

    With love, Kathleen

    1. Ah, thank you so much! This made me smile.
      The Velvet Teddy was actually my first Mac Purchase, somehow I'd imagine their lipsticks to be, bigger?
      Still, don't forget to share photos when you get t! ♥


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