iii. Weekly Spread ☼

November 24, 2014

October went by so fast and November is slipping away without me even realizing it's almost over.
Two very busy months. The happiest of months. My essence is beyond thankful for all the love and care I'm giving myself. It had been forever since I last felt comfortable doing silly little things like drawing, writing or playing video games! Responsibilities are being handled with care. Forgotten dreams are taking afloat, projects getting done. For the first time in what seemed like a lifetime, I'm actually spending time with long-lost friends! (... for the past years I've had a horrible habit of being a hermit with the undeserving. Distancing myself, unconsciously from people friends, to dedicate all my time to whatever relationship I was in at the moment. As the story goes, masks would fall off. The significant other would turn out to be an unloving fiend & I'd be left alone. Only to repeat this dreaded cycle.) I've rekindled moments with the sweetest of people. More importantly, having someone to share all these wonderful interests, with such an honest support, bringing balance back into my life is just too wonderful to express!

Little things that are happening this week -  
Starting a new 12 week workout regimen on Monday (Today!).
Finishing college stuff for January's classes.
Doing everything possible to get my little collection of poems ready to be printed,
among many other things.
✧ ✧ ✧

✩ Monday - Three of Pentacles :
"If you continue to work toward the fulfilment of your dreams and do not allow disillusionment to dampen your enthusiasm, ultimately you will experience prosperity and success in your goals."
Such an amazing encouragement to start off the week! I mustn't let little things slow me down. Also, take this as advice to accept help from others. I'm not alone in this journey.

✩ Tuesday - The Empress :
Such a happy sight. I should definitely take this day to pamper myself.

✩ Wednesday - Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) :
"Indicate an over-investment in work. You are working long hours at the detriment of your personal life."
Must be careful not to get frustrated, carried away and let my temper take over. What's done is done & now I have to build a brighter future for those I adore & myself.

✩ Thursday - Wheel of Fortune :
"The Wheel of Fortune is highly symbolic.There are good times and there are bad times. Even if your external environment is difficult and challenging, there will come a time when this will ease off and you will be able to focus more on creating fun and frivolity. The lesson of the Wheel of Fortune is that you must accept that there are always ups and downs in life. If you were to have only good times, you would become less appreciative of what you have. Sometimes the bad times provide the contrast and perspective you need to be able to recognise how blessed you are when the good times come."
Such an interesting card. Filled with many meanings.
Be positive and stay focused.
I control my own destiny.

✩ Friday - Knight of cups

I shouldn't get caught up in leftover emotions or what could had been or should had been.
Live in the moment while consciously building for the future. Don't get carried away daydreaming.

✩ Saturday -  The Stars
"You are entering a loving phase in your life, filled with calm energy, mental stability and deeper understanding of both yourself and others around you. This card is saying to you that, over the long-term, you should have faith and trust in the Universe. A better future is waiting for you but in order to reach it you must trust that it is indeed possible."

✩ Sunday -  Kight of swords :
Think things through, plan ahead. Don't jump to conclusions. Think with your head and not your heart.

✩ What to avoid - High Priestess (Reversed) : I should avoid relying on others & listening their criticism.
I should follow my intuition more than anything. Opinion of others shouldn't affect me.
✩ What to strive for - Four of Swords (Reversed) :
Progress, progress, progress.
Get things done! This is the week to get everything ready. 

(It was quite amusing to see the last two cards in reversed after such a positive outlook on things.
Perhaps it's a warning that if I don't get things done I'll get highly frustrated?
I mustn't let Procrastination take over in any day of the week!)

✧ ✧ ✧

This week's predictions were highly theoretical rather than intuitive for the most part. (Hence all the quotes!) Some cards were fairly new to me and it was hard to keep them in context of how my "day" would go. I'll keep practicing and learning more about the cards. If you, lovely reader, have any suggestions on books to read, YouTube videos to watch or even web pages to get insight
please share! ♥

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