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September 15, 2014

Kings and Queens;
What a promising yet demanding week this will be!
I tried to incorporate the 'Story Telling' method with this weeks reading, (Since I'm constantly Google'ing their meanings, haven't memorized them all... Yet!) which is not really a method but when you try to decipher a cards meaning with whatever situation the characters inside your card's in. A lot of intuition is needed for this but considering my readings are, usually, really accurate I decided to give it a go.

✧ ✧ ✧

Monday - Queen of Pentacles :
A very motherly card, represents security. Prosperity in all aspects financially, family and personally. By taking a brief moment to reminisce last weeks undesired occurrences, this is a great sign to start off the week.
The storm is over, it is now time to slowly pick up all the pieces. 

Tuesday - Knaves of Pentacles (reversed) :
This card made me chuckle a bit, it was very accurate since I always have billions of endless ideas boiling with needs of manifestation! I should stop focusing on short term goals and take action on the long term ones. Daydreaming won't accomplish a thing.

Wednesday - Knaves of Wands (reversed) : 
Just like the Knaves of Pentacles, this card is all about projects, ideas and new adventures BUT the fact that it's reverse may suggest that obstacles will start to arise. Gee, why doesn't this surprise me! By nature, I'm a very impatient person and, although I really hate to admit this, a procrastinator. I'll take this card as a little warning on the things I should intently avoid. 
If I want success I must get rid of those procrastinating patterns. 
I'll also work more on my confidence today!

Thursday - Six of Swords
Leave everything behind, go somewhere new and start over. 

Friday - Six of Wands
I can't help but to giggle, this card represents success. That wasn't so hard to figure out right? After all, the feline captured his little prey. I should focus more on building my self, so I get the recognition I deserve. No more living under someone's shadow.
Perhaps this good sign means that if I work really hard on myself,
all those projects I've been postponing will be more than successful! This is a really motivational card. 

Saturday - Queen if Chalices (Reverse) :
Any week would be incomplete without a bit of emotional chaos and as always, on a Saturday. Right? I'll try to control my stress levels and not let my emotions take over. Also, I must avoid co-depency type relationships at all costs.

Sunday - King of Wands (Reverse) : This & the fact that I'm an Aries might have a lot to do with wanting to be in control. Careful, assertiveness might be seen as aggressiveness due the fact that in any given situation we don't measure the hurt in our words. We don't mean to.
Take this day to cut off everyone who doesn't influence in a positive manner, or help you become a better person. Accept what people have to offer and do not expect anything more. 

What to Avoid - Death (reverse) :
Death is a card of transformation and new life, and typically shows a need to start completely over by letting go of the last, Reversed typically reflects that you're on the verge of a major change but you are holding back making that change.
Avoid resisting.
Find the root of it.

Let go. (I guess this isn't such a scary card after all!) 

What to strive for - Three of Chalices (reverse) :
This was a very relationship-inclined card which threw me off a bit. The three cats seem to be having fun, but it's reverse. Perhaps it means to reconnect with your friends. (Not the toxic ones of course!) and enjoy life a bit more. Isolation isn't always the answer. I need to research this one a bit more because I highly doubt this card is encouraging me to have a threesome! Haha... Or strive for one? Jokes aside, it does say :

Similarly, the Three of Cups reversed can indicate that you have lost touch with your close friends, perhaps due to a falling out or other, more demanding priorities such as work or family commitments. See this card as a reminder to reconnect with your friends, let your hair down and have a good time, without worrying too much about the consequences.

On to an amazing week then! 


  1. That's right, don't resist that change!!!

    Rooting for you this week. : )

    Three of Cups reverse can be a card of love triangles in romantic spreads as well. But this is a weekly spread so it likely has to do with the interpretation you thought up.

    I miss you. : (

    1. I really hope so!
      I wouldn't want to deal with any type of love triangles, ever in my life. What really confused me was the fact that it was in the ... Should I strive for love affairs and have fun this week? Haha.
      Obviously not,
      but it was a funny card to get.

      I do too! You've no idea ~
      but this little island drains your soul so, it's a very good thing you're over there. : D


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