HERBALIFE: Extravaganza - Chicago, IL ; [July 18 -20, 2014] ☆

September 18, 2014

One of the best experiences, ever! 
I previously posted about all the amazing sightseeing during my business trip to Chicago but I didn't really post anything about all the amazing things that went down during the Herbalife Extravaganza. Aside from the couple of photos posted on my social networks.
So here it is!

Firstly, this was my second Extravaganza.
The first one I ever attended was held in California (I might actually post about it in the future!) about two years ago.
Back then I had barely just started in the business. Around that time I was also participating on an Ab Challenge held at the nutrition club I used to attend when first starting with the products. It was perfect timing because after actually winning the challenge (& about $500-ish) I used that money for the trip. The rest was history!
Never will I forget that first trip. I barely knew much about the company and everything felt like this amazing vacation miles away from my home. I was still baby Herbakitty. (I'll definitely go into details about that first extravaganza in the future!)

Now, I've grown so much (In so many aspects of my life). Gained so much confidence with the business and overall knowledge, that made this Extravaganza the best one yet.
I actually knew the names of amazing and inspiring people (Back then I didn't even know who was who!) I followed on Instagram. This time around I actually understood the marketing plan. I actually saw the bigger picture.

Here are a few bits of the many pages filled with information acquired during this event:

♢ Don't be a Scroller.
♢ Get out into the community. Nothing replaces talking with people, human interaction.
♢ What do you want to be known for?
♢ Learning money skills is the most powerful thing! A spending plan is not a restrain, it's freedom.
♢ "Money is the root of all Evil."  this is a false statement, the real quote is: "For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil."
♢ Shut up & Listen.

Among many, MANY, other amazing things.

Herbalife is also known for their amazing Parties. Yes, Parties!& Everyone knows how much I love dressing up! ❤ The Gen-H party was Toga-themed but don't worry no ones toga fell of during the dance off! It was the perfect time to have fun with other associates and those really successful in the company. It was such an awesome night.

Here are a couple of amazing people I had the great pleasure of meeting
(And take pictures with!) Each one of them inspires me in many endless ways :




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