Divination: Shattering News

September 3, 2014

Past ✧ Present ✧ Future

Like the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. Regardless of circumstances, even if they aren't in your favor.  
Have you ever experienced any horrible event, only to find that days, months, even years later, it wasn't that tragic? Even if a few scars remain, the magnitude of the ache has surely subsided, right? I keep telling myself this. There's nothing worse than present ache. True, I've had worst experiences during this lifetime but there's always this eternal aftertaste that unrequited moments bring. 
I received closure last Friday, not the best kind however, of an ongoing situation concerning someone I cared for more than the healthy amount of caring. Someone I cared for way more than I ever should had. Someone I shared way too many moments with, moments I deeply wish they never existed. Just to be payed with indifference. One day I'll be brave enough to properly explain the situation, I promise, just not yet. 

So where do I stand now?
Devastated, sought comfort in meditation. After all the intense emotions vanished, I drew out the cards. Accurate as always.   

Six of Swords - You will need to make a regretful transition, as a likely result of the decisions you make. You know that in order to move forward, you must leave something important behind, and while you do this with some regret, you know that in the long-term it is the best option for you. There are times when you will be forced to let go of something to which you have been attached, and the process of letting go is often quite challenging. However, the sadness of your loss will soon be replaced by greater clarity, bringing about a renewed acceptance of change.

The Hermit (Reversed) - The reversed Hermit can indicate unwelcome isolation.

Three of Wads (Reversed) - There is disappointment and frustration, and a general feeling that you may have just wasted your time by even starting on this journey. What you may not realize, however, is that these setbacks are in fact an important part of your bigger life journey and will have contributed to your personal development anyway.

... and what a journey indeed. For a brief moment all the frustration vanished. This card spoke to me the most. Never been good at letting go, I get horribly attached to toxic beings that shatter me with unhappiness. This was my lesson. For years I've struggled with way too may people that only care only about themselves (pastimes, goals, ideals, life, etc.) and I was their plaything, accustom to their leisure, a mere shadow seeking comfort in a fabricated fairy-tale were they felt the same way but it was never reciprocated. I'd  forget about myself in the process of pleasing them. Having to beg for affection is among the most degrading thing, I confess, I've ever done. Somehow, knowing that I wont have to go through this ordeal again brings me to tears because I can finally leave, never put up with that again. Spend time with humans that genuinely care for me unconditionally. That's true love and happiness.


  1. Hello Princess,

    I just happened to be passing by during a monthly blogroll and I saw that you're back to posting. And you're posting tarot readings! Happy Leelah!

    I think these cards describe you accurately with your situation, particularly that first card. The Six of Swords can be an unwilling venture, but it isn't a loss. That's what the 5 is. The 6 is moving on, even though it sucks. There's some hope, but the person in the card doesn't cling to it. They just know they're going somewhere else, not where they have been.

    That last card inverted seems like impatience to me, it could be in regards to time or circumstance.

    I still have another post to read, so I'll go do that.

    ♡♡ Monica Laura

    1. Ah, that reminds me!
      We didn't get a chance to exchange readings. That's okay, because that means I have more time to practice until Cali, hehe ~ I'm really exited.


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