Divination: Course of Action

July 25, 2014

Firstly I'd like to confess that I'm still an amateur when it comes to Tarot readings. I'd love to be fluent with reading but it does take practice, patience & empathy! I'm still absorbing all the information I encounter, So I apologize first hand for any erroneous information I might Ignorantly state. These are my own interpretations to my own personal readings. I do encourage suggestions or even your own light on the matter! 

Last Monday I got back from an amazing business trip to Chicago. (I'll be posting photos soon enough!) However, that resulted into a tornado of thoughts and ideas. With a not so healthy tendency of letting my emotions take over. Even though I do try to keep myself as organized as morally possible, I needed the extra guidance. Concentrated all my energy and asked myself what should I do... Perhaps it might be considered a vague question but in my heart I knew exactly what I wanted.  

Content ✧  Focus ✧  Outcome

This was the spread. Past, present and future. I must admit I got little chills at the accuracy of this. Two Major Arcana. 

The Chariot - Using the force of a strong will to triumph in difficult circumstances  This situation is challenging but you have the strength needed to succeed.
Knight of Swords - Someone who acts decisively when dealing wit ideas, system, and communication.
The Moon - A changeable and uncertain situation that is either fraught with deception or that will reveal important truths. It is difficult to know what is real right now. 

It's still difficult for me to understand The Moon in a reading. In Mastering the Tarot by Eden Gray It suggest first, to not interpreted anything negative about this card, it suggest change and deception. In other words, I should be careful.

I tend to consciously make the same mistakes over and over. It's quite the predicament because my better judgement knows the proper course of action yet fails to deliver. This reading is showing me just that. It's funny when you see your own situation in a different light! In order to be victorious I must stay focused and careful, not to fall for the same pattern again. The Moon is showing me to accept the change with tenderness or to be careful of my upcoming actions.

Let's hope for the best!

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