TONYMOLY: CAT CHU WINK GLOSS - #6 Glam Muse & #09 Fanta Orange [REVIEW]

April 25, 2013

The Cat Chu Wink Gloss has to be the cutest lip-gloss I've ever seen! I mean who CAN resist owning these cute pink kittens? I know I can't! However, these have to be my least favorite ones from the Cat Chu line, why? because they aren't lasting and the color isn't very noticeable, for my taste.  If you love the subtle glosses, then these are perfect for you! As for myself, the few times I've used them I always end up using them over the Cat Chu Lipstick so they stand out more! (^^") Perhaps I need to try out other colors from this line because for me the Glam Muse is a bit more intense, thus being my favorite from the two! It's just that the Fanta Orange is too clear for my likings. What do you guys think? Is it just me? hehe.

They're really adorable & affordable. You can mix them with the Cat Chu Lipstick for a lovely look! Perfect for those who aren't really into lipsticks but hate having bare lips  ~

 It's really sticky & Unlasting.  Re-applying is the key! That's about my only complains.
Ah, and they did leave my lips a bit dry afterwards. I think it was the Glitter from the Fanta Orange, but I'm not really sure.

 I did almost 4 swipes here so you can notice the tint a bit more. You'll probably have to apply the same amount of swipes on your lips so they stand out!

Bare Lips. Glam Muse. Fanta Orange.

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