April 23, 2013


 ★ Today I'm going to do a quick review on what I think is one of the cutest Decora iPhone custom case store, MyKawaiiPhoneThe Store owner Margaret is one of nicest store owners I've ever had the pleasure of meeting & I certainty give her costumer support a 10/10! Thank you for your patience, quick replies and cases!

I ordered two Custom cases. The first, being the most delicate of them both, is the strawberry one. It's my favorite of them two, because it really stands out due to the unique frosting. The only sad part was that two of the charms fell off, because the frosting a bit soft, but I quickly fixed it with Crazy Glue! No biggie ~ The Second one, is the one I'm currently using on my iPhone because it's a bit more resistant IMO, the mermaid one. I've gotten the most complements out of this one due to its gradient. Personally I think the mermaid's adorable to the extreme! Ah, and it brought extra beads in case any fell off, though that hasn't been a problem at all!

* Strawberry Frosting Themed & The Gradient Mermaid *

I'm also a little sucker for cute surprises not to mention little unasked details! I completely loved the personalized note, candy (I have such a sweet tooth!) & strawberry clip Margaret Included in the order ~ These made me love this store even more! Like I mentioned before, quite the costumer service, right? ♡

I really recommend this store to all my Cute Japanese Loving , Docora obsessed friends. Not many stores take custom orders & this is a HUGE plus! I'm defiantly purchasing from this store again. After all  iPhone cases are my quirky addiction!

Now for the case selfies,
Aren't they cute?(*^ワ^*)

| Milk's Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ |


  1. This is so adorable!! <3 love the bunny ears and little mermaid! Did you get to choose what goes on it? :D

    1. Yes! The owner was so kind as to send me a preview & let aprover or not, before it was made! < :


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